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Versailles Oak Dresser Mirror


Versailles Oak Dresser Mirror

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  • 90 W x 5 D x 90 H cm
  • Regal French Flair: Arched as a Parisian bridge, with florals carved for the Sun King himself.
  • Oak Everlasting: Crafted for durability like an old French vineyard.
  • Adaptable Charm: A natural oak finish that plays well with others, be they classic or contemporary.
  • Ornate Elegance: Hand-carved details that would make Versailles jealous.
  • Proud part of the timeless Versailles furniture range

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A Reflection of Classic French Design: The Versailles Oak Dresser Mirror

Whisk your boudoir back to the times of Louis XIV, where every furnishing was a nod to nobility. Our Versailles Oak Dresser Mirror boasts an arched top, reminiscent of the storied bridges over the Seine, and is adorned with hand-carved floral motifs that would have the gardens of Versailles themselves blushing with envy.

Crafted to Last

Like a trusty French steed, this oak dresser mirror is made from the mightiest of oaks, promising years of steadfast reflection. It's a legacy framed in timber, built to endure as long as the tales of fabled French forests.

Adaptable Elegance

In a natural oak finish, this mirror is as versatile as a French mime, fitting in with a flourish whether your chamber sings songs of the past or hums the minimalist tunes of modern décor. It’s the pièce de résistance that completes any room, regardless of its decorative dialect.

Ornate Elegance

With every glance, you'll notice the intricate hand-carved detailing, as elaborate as a courtier's curtsy. These embellishments are a testament to a time when artistry was paramount. Indeed, every etching tells a story, and every curve holds a secret.

The Crowning Touch

This oak dresser mirror is your portal to an era of opulence. With its timeless design and heirloom-worthy craftsmanship, the Versailles Oak Dresser Mirror doesn't just reflect your image; it reflects a storied history and brings a touch of regal finesse to your personal palace.

A Mirror With a Memory

Hang it or lean it, this mirror promises to be more than a silent witness to your daily dalliances. It’s an heirloom-in-waiting, ready to be the backdrop of your family's cherished moments and the keeper of whispered secrets. After all, if walls could talk, imagine the tales a mirror could tell.

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Dimensions 90 × 5 × 90 cm
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