Bedroom wardrobes and storage ideas

Bedroom wardrobes and storage ideas to maximise your available space

When you’re getting ready for bed, there are a few steps you can take to ensure you’re following your best routine for a good night’s sleep. Stow the screens and don’t take your phone with you to bed, select the right mattress for your sleep style, and set a good schedule are all common suggestions for improving your sleep routine.

Another essential element of getting a good night’s sleep is to clear the clutter and tidy up your bedroom. A well-organised room will allow your mind to relax, creating a calm atmosphere for a peaceful rest. The right bedroom wardrobes and bedroom storage options are key in setting up your bedroom as a restful sanctuary so you can start each day with a fully refreshed mindset.
Read on for our top tips to incorporating effective storage into your bedroom.

Underbed storage lets you make the most of a small room

In small bedrooms, every centimetre of space counts when it comes to furnishing the room. If your room is very compact, or if you’re furnishing a smaller guest bedroom or kids’ room, you can’t necessarily add every piece of furniture you might be considering. 

Instead, combine multiple types of furniture into one and utilise options like underbed storage to maximise your space. A divan bed with drawers, or a gas-lift bed that features a hidden storage compartment beneath your mattress, are two great ways to turn a key piece of bedroom furniture (your bed) into a double-duty way to make the most of a small floor plan. 

If a divan bed isn’t your personal style, there are other ways to utilise your underbed space for organisation and storage. Storage boxes beneath your bed can keep seasonal items tidied up and out of the way, and in a child’s bedroom a lofted bed allows plenty of space for underbed storage options. 

Bedroom wardrobes offer classic versatility

There are so many options for bedroom wardrobes that effortlessly add storage solutions to your space. A large wardrobe adds stately style to the master bedroom, offering ample space to organise all your clothes and accessories. 

There are plenty of configurations of bedroom wardrobes you might want to consider — variations with drawers and shelves in addition to the traditional hanging rail, and doors with mirrors so you can see your outfit from head to toe. 

The right bedroom wardrobes will complement your other key furniture items like your bed or nightstand, either as part of a matching collection or by adding timeless style to your space with a rich wood finish or lovely painted hue

In a spacious room, doors that open out let you see everything you have stored inside your wardrobe, while more compact spaces may utilise sliding door wardrobes that slot in easily to narrow areas. 

Bedside tables keep evening essentials close at hand

One aspect of bedroom storage that is key in creating a good sleep space is to make sure that, as you’re ready to drift off to dreamland, you don’t have to spend too much time hunting around for your phone charger, lightswitch, moisturiser, or anything else you need just before you go to bed. 

Bedside tables with drawers are a timeless option for bedside storage. With options offering one, two, or three drawers, you can find a bedside table that offers the exact amount of interior space you need to hold all your evening essentials. Naturally, your nightstand’s tabletop will also give you space to set decorative and functional items and also set a table lamp for the perfect evening time ambience. 

From books to contact lens solution, a glass of water to a scented candle, a good bedside locker will let you set up your nightly routine in style. 

Chests of drawers add style and substance to bedrooms

When it comes to bedroom storage, a chest of drawers is an obvious classic. A stack of neatly folded clothes nestled in a drawer is a satisfying piece of life admin that is sure to leave you feeling relaxed and ready for slumber, and the right chest of drawers will assist you in sorting out your stuff. 

Almost all chests of drawers are crafted from wood, but there are an array of style and configuration options to choose from to suit your space. Whether you are after a traditional, rustic design with the natural grain of wood showing through or a contemporary shape and style with a painted finish or metal details, you are sure to find bedroom storage options to match. 

There are also plenty of shapes to choose from, with varying numbers of drawers, so you can select a chest of drawers that slots in easily to your bedroom space. You could opt for a wide chest of drawers, and even rest a mirror on top if you don’t have room for a separate vanity table. In a small bedroom, a narrow tallboy chest is a great option for adding plenty of drawers while maintaining a compact footprint. 

Fabulous bedroom storage options of all sorts at Corcoran’s

There’s no need to have a cluttered, stressful bedroom when you shop at Corcoran’s Furniture. We have a wide selection of bedroom storage solutions to suit every bedroom size, budget, and style. Shop online now or visit us in store to see even more of our bedroom collection. 

Your sleep space is your sanctuary, and with bedroom furniture from Corcoran’s, you can make it a well-organised, relaxing room that’s ready for a good night’s sleep. 

Lauren Mateer

Lauren Mateer

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