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What Kinds of Bedside Lights and Lamps are Best for Bedtime Reading?

Adequate lighting throughout your home is important to help you avoid discomfort as you go about your day. This is particularly important if you work a desk job; lighting up your space so that you don’t strain your eyes while you look at your laptop or documents is a key to avoiding stress, feeling comfortable, and protecting your physical and mental health. 

But the right lighting is also important in your free time as well. Whether you’re reading a recipe in the kitchen or sitting with the newspaper and your morning coffee in the living room, good lighting will be sure to brighten up your day, literally and figuratively. This is also true when you’re curled up in bed with a good book — the right bedside lights will be key not only in preventing eye strain but also creating a relaxed environment that will help lead to a good night’s sleep. 

The best bedside lights offer both decorative style and practical function for your space — read on to learn more about how to select the ideal options for your bedroom. 

The logistics of bedside lighting

The size and number of bedside lights you need for your room are two important considerations when you are choosing your bedroom lighting. 

A good rule of thumb is that you should have the same number of lamps as people in the room, so if you are sleeping on your own then one lamp may be sufficient, but if you are sharing your bedroom with your partner, then you should each have your own lamp on your respective sides of the bed. However, if you have a particularly large bedroom or bed, then you should have two bedside lamps for a balanced look no matter what. 

The right size bedside lights are also key if you are reading in bed. The lamps on your nightstand help to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your bedroom, but if you are using them for reading then they also have to serve as task lighting. 

The height of your lamp is important for comfortable reading when you are in bed. You want bedside lights to be positioned so that the light shines on your book and not in your eyes or the top of your head. 

One way to determine this is to take the height of your nightstand, assuming that it is about the same height as your nightstand, and add a few centimetres to get the ideal height of your lamp. So, for example, if your bedside locker is 62 cm high, then a lamp around 65-70 cm is likely the best height for your bedroom. 

A final logistical concern for bedside lights is the convenience of turning them on and off. While you can always plug them into an outlet with a traditional light switch, there’s nothing worse than being cosy and warm in bed and then needing to get up to turn off the lamp. Choosing bedside lights with an on/off mechanism on the cord are a great option for your room. 

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Stylish bedside lights and lamps

While the main purpose of the lamp on your nightstand is to provide you light for bedtime reading, you still want a lamp that brings style and inviting brightness to your bedroom. The light should be bright enough to serve its purpose, but you don’t want it to be so bright that it puts you in a wide-awake mood when you’re getting ready to rest. 

A bedside lamp with a fabric lampshade might be the perfect option to accommodate both bedside reading and evening relaxation. Offering a soft but steady glow, lamps with fabric shades soften the ambiance in any room but are perfect for a bedroom. You might also opt for a warm-toned light bulb in your nightstand lights to really get that cosy feel from your bedroom lighting. 

In terms of the look of the lamp itself, you have plenty of options to choose from that will complement any bedroom decor. Choose from traditional and modern variations, ceramic or metal bases, and more, and you’re sure to find lamps that will perfectly suit your bedroom style. If you want a lamp on either side of your bed, you can opt for a matching pair or two different lights for a more eclectic look. 

The best bedroom lights and more from Corcoran’s

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