The best garden and outdoor trends 2022

The best garden and outdoor trends 2022

If you’re like us, the recent warm and sunny weather has probably gotten you looking forward to summer. And when those long, warm days come, you don’t want to have to scramble to set up your outdoor space. 

There’s no time like the present to get your garden ready for summer, so we’ve gathered some of our favourite outdoor trends 2022 to inspire your yard or patio setup this year. 

Invest in your dream outdoor setup

In Ireland, we know that a sunny summer is no guarantee, so many of us opt to do the bare minimum when it comes to setting up an outdoor space. But even if you only have a few opportunities to take advantage of good weather, it’s still well worth creating a stylish and comfortable outdoor area. 

High-quality garden furniture is worth the investment because it will see you through years of summers. As far as outdoor trends 2022 go, this is one that will certainly never go out of style, because weatherproof, durable garden furniture is always a good choice. 

Sustainability is also one of our favourite outdoor trends 2022, and opting for hard-wearing furniture that you can use from year to year is also more eco-friendly than flimsy pieces that must be frequently replaced.

Choose a calm, cool-toned colour palette

Green is one of the colours of the year for your indoor spaces, but when it comes to outdoor trends 2022, it’s blue that takes centre stage. Your garden setup will inevitably have plenty of green tones, whether you opt for artificial grass or plenty of plants, so adding blue hues will create a lovely colour palette for your garden. 

Shades of blue offer tranquillity as well as symbolising renewal and a fresh start, which creates a perfect atmosphere for outdoor relaxation. You can opt for blue or blue-grey patio tiles, seat cushions, or other details that will incorporate this colour palette into your garden setup. 

Cool neutrals such as sand, greige (grey-beige), ivory, and light brown are also great options for the garden, either in place of or in addition to blue tones. These neutrals pair well with the natural colours of plants and lawns, and offer a peaceful, calming palette that’s perfect for a relaxed outdoor space. 

Add a firepit and stay warm all summer

Just because Ireland’s climate doesn’t guarantee the scorching, sunny summers of Spain or Italy, that doesn’t mean you can’t stay cosy and comfortable when you sit outside during the summer season. If you’re worried about staying warm, then a firepit or similar element should be one of the key outdoor trends 2022 you incorporate into your space. 

There are many options for adding the heat and illumination that a firepit offers into your garden. A dining set with a built-in firepit such as the Alicante Corner Set makes it easy to create an all-in-one, integrated look. 

Or, shop a range of bioethanol fires at our Bathroom, Tile, & Stove Centre and choose the perfect design and style to suit your space. Bioethanol fires are easy to use and maintain, and offer smoke-free flame in a matter of seconds so you can enjoy your garden all evening long. 

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Integrate your indoor and outdoor space

We’ve talked a lot about how one of our favourite outdoor trends 2022 is to create synergy between indoor and outdoor areas of your home. In particular, we love a kitchen and dining area that flows seamlessly into your patio or garden space. 

Coordinating flooring is one of the best ways to achieve this trend, but there are other fabulous options for creating a complementing indoor/outdoor space as well. Rattan furniture is a traditional pick for outdoor dining, but also looks great indoors in a coastal-inspired home decor aesthetic. 

If you don’t want the same furniture inside and out, you can also choose coordinating accessories like throw pillows and area rugs — although you’ll want to make sure your picks are suitable for outdoor use, or just choose similar options made from sturdier materials.

Finish your setup with an on-trend egg chair

One of the biggest outdoor trends 2022 is the egg chair. With a round, cocooning design that hangs from a sturdy metal frame to swing gently as you sit, an egg chair is a must-have addition to any comfy yet chic garden setup. 

And there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to this type of outdoor furniture. You can stick with a traditional egg chair and enjoy snug, stylish seating that’s perfect for chilling on a sunny day or balmy evening. Or for extra comfort, opt for an egg chair with an extending footrest so you can really kick back and relax. 

We even have larger swing chairs that can accommodate two people — ideal for cuddling or simply for stretching out and making the most of summer weather. Whatever you choose, a hanging egg chair is sure to make the perfect finishing touch for your garden. 

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Shop outdoor trends 2022 and more at Corcoran’s

From garden furniture sets to artificial grass, at Corcoran’s we have everything you need to follow the latest outdoor trends 2022 and create your dream outdoor oasis in time for summer. Shop garden furniture now online or visit us in store to shop the range in person. 

And if you need help choosing the perfect egg chair, measuring patio tiles, or finding the best paint colours to provide the finishing touches, send us a message! Our expert team is here to answer all your questions about garden furniture and more, so you can get set up for summer in style. 

Lauren Mateer

Lauren Mateer

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