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Fabric, Leather, or Mesh – Advantages of Each When Buying Office Chairs

When you are furnishing any room in your home, there are some obvious things to keep in mind in terms of looks, quality, and suitability for your needs and budget. However, when it comes to buying office chairs and other home office furniture, you definitely need to also focus on ergonomic factors that will keep you comfortable and supported throughout your workday. 

In addition to ergonomic details like lumbar support, adjustable levers, and reliable arm and back rests, the fabric from which your office chair is made can contribute to your comfort as you work or study. Durability, breathability, temperature regulation, and more — the right office chair fabric can make all the difference. 

Learn about the different fabrics available when buying office chairs, and the advantages of each that will help you choose the perfect chair for your home office. 

Fabric: a versatile upholstery type

One of the most common options for buying office chairs is fabric upholstery. This classic, reliable choice is ideal for a style-focused home office setup thanks to the wide variety of colours and textures available. 

Most fabric for office chairs is made of polyester or a poly-blend, and there are many advantages to this type of upholstery. Polyester fabric is durable, UV-resistant, stain-resistant, and easy to care for, ideal for a low-maintenance workspace. 

Fabric upholstery also tends to be softer than other upholstery types, which is perfect for extra comfort during your workday. Finally, polyester fabric also offers moisture-wicking properties that will keep you cool and comfortable throughout your daily routine.

Leather: a sophisticated upholstery option

Picture a stately office setup and it will probably include a leather office chair. Leather brings instant sophistication to buying office chairs and any other furniture type. Offering timeless style with a touch of luxury, leather is one of the best looking options for any office chair.
However, leather upholstery also has advantages beyond the aesthetic. Leather is an ultra-durable fabric type that is designed to see you through years of use. If you want an office chair that can stay with you over the course of your career, leather is definitely an option to consider. 

If you are looking for a leather-like option on a budget, or if you prefer faux leather to genuine leather, there are also plenty of options available to you when you’re buying office chairs. PVC and PU upholstery can mimic the look of leather so you can still enjoy that stately style for your home office. 

Mesh: a breathable upholstery pick

When you’re sitting in a chair for hours, you don’t want to end your day feeling sweaty and uncomfortable. The breathable design of mesh office chairs offers a perfect solution to this dilemma. Thanks to an open-weave design, mesh chairs offer ample ventilation that helps you regulate your body temperature whether your home office is hot, cold, or somewhere in between. 

Mesh is also a flexible and lightweight material, meaning that chairs made with mesh will also be flexible, lightweight, and long-wearing. While mesh office chairs tend to have a more utilitarian style than other chair types, they are a classic look that is sure to suit any home office space. 

Finally, mesh office chairs tend to be budget-friendly and, because they are more ergonomically-designed, often have other comfort-focused features that are ready to enhance your work or study routine. 

Buying office chairs online or in-store is easy at Corcoran’s

Fabric, leather, and mesh are all great options for office chairs, and which one you choose will come down to your own preferences and workday needs. They each have their advantages in terms of comfort, durability, and style, so when you’re buying office chairs you will want to be able to browse a diverse selection to choose the right chair for your home office. 

Luckily, at Corcoran’s Furniture we have an impressive collection of office chairs, to suit every requirement and budget. Browse and shop the range online, or visit us in store to upgrade your workspace with ease. Plus, shop desks and other office furniture to complete your setup and enhance your workday in comfort and style. 

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