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Somerset Black Desk Chair


Somerset Black Desk Chair

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  •  W x  D x  H cm<ul>
  • Please note that office chairs may be delivered flat-packed
  • The Sommerset Black Desk Chair boasts multiple layers of cushioning for optimal comfort during those marathon work sessions.
  • High-quality black faux leather combines durability with a sleek, professional look.
  • A chrome base with five caster wheels ensures easy movement and stability. Glide with grace.
  • Contemporary design with clean lines and minimalistic armrests adds a touch of style to any office space.

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Sussex Black Desk Chair: The Throne of Workday Comfort

The Sussex Black Desk Chair features multiple layers of cushioning, providing optimal comfort for those marathon work sessions. Who knew sitting down for work could feel so luxurious?

Faux Leather Office Chair Luxury

Upholstered in high-quality black faux leather, this padded black desk chair offers durability with a sleek, professional look. It's as if James Bond decided to design office furniture himself.

Chrome Confidence

A sturdy chrome base with five caster wheels ensures easy movement and stability for  the Sussex Black Desk Chair. Glide across your office floor with the grace of a dancer and the confidence of a CEO.

Modern Marvel

With its contemporary design, clean lines, and minimalistic armrests, the Sussex Black Desk Chair is the stylish addition your office space has been yearning for. Function meets fashion in the most sophisticated way.

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