work from home

Work from home in comfort and style with our top tips for office furniture, decor, and more!

Working from home: some of us love it, some of us hate it, but it’s clear that it will continue to be a part of our lives as many companies move away from traditional office spaces or offer more options for remote working — you can read our infographic to learn more.  Although many office workers have traded cubicles for couches in the past year, and many are continuing to work from home in the future, there are still plenty of folks relying on makeshift setups for their office space.  So if you’re reading this while hunched over a table that’s perfect for mealtimes but not so hot for zoom meetings, in a chair that was never designed for eight hours daily use, read on for office furniture and decorating tips to help you thrive in your at-home 9 to 5!  We know space is often an issue when it comes to getting set up to work from home. Not everyone has room for a dedicated home office, and sometimes we have to share the space we do have with partners or flatmates also working from home, children homeschooling, and more.  But if you have the option to set up your own separate area for working, we recommend it. Some people love to work from the couch or even from bed, but separating your ‘home’ space and your ‘work’ space can help with work/life balance and switching off at the end of your work from home day.        Legacy Black Lumbar Support Office Chair Comfort is a priority in every workplace, no matter where that workplace is. The number one thing you can do to ensure support and comfort throughout the day is to invest in a purpose-designed office chair.  Without a chair that offers ergonomic features, you’ll likely find yourself with back and neck pain.  A chair like our Legacy Office Chair that offers lumbar support—cushioning in the lower back area to support the bottom of your spine—and adjustable levers to suit your height and preferred seating position is ideal. Chairs with mesh backs like our Markus Office Chair are also great options for breathability; in both hot and cold weather, a mesh back is great for temperature regulation and airflow.  A good office chair can last for years, but since we spend so much time in them, if it stops ‘feeling right’ to you, it’s a good time to consider a replacement.  Once you’ve chosen your chair, the next step is a great desk, which offers both style and practical appeal for your work from home space.  Like office chairs, desks are also important for ergonomics so make sure to choose a desk that’s the right height. Beyond that, practical considerations include the amount of storage available. A desk like our French Partner Desk is great for keeping paperwork organised in a multitude of drawers. But don’t forget to think about style as well! Whether you prefer stately or sleek (like the chic industrial-minimalist design of our Shay Office Desk), your office desk can be a standout decor accent in addition to a comfortable space for working.  If your desk doesn’t offer enough storage, or if you prefer a standalone organisational option, open bookshelves like our Soy Bookcase are a stylish alternative to traditional filing cabinets, letting you see everything you’re storing and adding a trendy touch while also maximizing floor space.  Once you’ve chosen your desk, set it up for good work from home habits. Position your computer screen about 50 cm from your face to reduce eye strain, and make sure that other items you need throughout the day are within comfortable reach.    Yarrow Apple Green Office Chair Swivel chairs like our Yarrow Office Chair also helps to reduce strain, as they enable you to turn and reach objects without twisting or stretching.  Just like you’d personalise your desk in the office with family photos or potted plants, be sure to add a bit of personal style to your work from home space.  You may not think it’s necessary—after all, you’re already in your own home—but an inspiring piece of art, a fun desk figurine, or a peaceful colour painted on the wall behind your desk can brighten up the space and make it a nicer place to sit and work.  Once you’ve created a beautiful and ergonomically-comfortable work from home setup, don’t forget to also cultivate good working habits. Without the morning teas and meetings that break up the routine of work in the office, it can be easy to find yourself glued to the laptop screen for hours on end.  But according to Psychology Today breaks can help restore motivation and increase creativity while allowing you to look after your physical and mental health. Take a few minutes every hour to stand up, stretch, and walk around the house.  Whether you’re working from home temporarily, permanently, or considering dipping your toe into remote work, a good home office set-up is key for comfort and productivity.