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Boxgrove Grey Electric Recliner Armchair

Boxgrove Grey Electric Recliner Armchair

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  • 108 W x 87 D x 105 H cm
  • Solo Luxe Lounging: Decked out in thick, supple grey faux leather, this armchair takes plush cushioning to a new level of luxury.
  • Recline at the Ready: Features user-friendly controls for an effortless lean-back experience at the touch of a button.
  • Sleek Style, Comfy Seat: A contemporary charmer in sleek grey, accented with elegant stitching for a dash of sophisticated style in any living space.
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Boxgrove Grey Electric Recliner Armchair: The Epitome of Personalised Comfort and Style

The Boxgrove Grey Electric Recliner Armchair is a personal haven of luxury and elegance, combining high-grade comfort with a sleek contemporary design to enhance any living area.

Luxury reclining in supple grey

Crafted with plush cushioning and upholstered in a thick, rich grey faux leather, the Boxgrove Electric Recliner Armchair offers an unparalleled seating experience. This seat is a luxury retreat that cradles you in comfort, featuring high-grade foam that conforms to your body, providing a perfect blend of support and relaxation.

Effortless comfort at your fingertips

Equipped with an easy-to-use button system, the Boxgrove Electric Recliner Armchair allows you to effortlessly adjust your reclining angle. Whether you're watching TV, reading, or simply unwinding, the armchair's user-friendly controls let you find your ideal position with minimal effort.

Contemporary elegance in every detail

The Boxgrove Electric Recliner Armchair showcases a sleek grey colour and elegant stitching details. It brings a contemporary aesthetic that complements any living space. Its elegant design is as pleasing to the eye as it is inviting to the body.

The Boxgrove Grey Electric Recliner Armchair: your personal comfort zone

In the Boxgrove Grey Electric Recliner Armchair, every aspect has been thoughtfully designed to create a personal oasis of comfort and style. It's a statement of modern luxury and elegance, offering a perfect spot to relax and rejuvenate in the comfort of your home.

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Dimensions 108 × 87 × 105 cm
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