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Bruce Extending Dining Table


Bruce Extending Dining Table

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  • 140-180 W x 90 D x 76 H cm
  • An extending dining table with a silhouette so sleek, it makes other furniture envious, all while cloaked in sophisticated dark hues.
  • Whether it’s an intimate affair or a feast for the many, this table stretches like a culinary red carpet.
  • Rests on a base where crossed legs aren’t just about support; they’re a statement, blending boldness with balance.
  • With a stone-like finish, this tabletop serves meals with modernity and a side of timeless taste.
  • Not just a place to eat, but a centrepiece that beckons, turning dinners into gatherings and gatherings into memories.
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The Bruce Extending Dining Table: Where Function Meets Sophistication

Welcome to the Bruce Extending Dining Table, a masterclass in the art of sophisticated dining.  Bruce offers a versatile stage for life's moments, designed to adapt to your needs with a flourish of style.

Sophisticated Design That Speaks Volumes

With its sleek silhouette and deep, enigmatic hues, the Bruce Extending Dining Table commands attention effortlessly. It's a testament to contemporary elegance, offering a look that's as sophisticated as the conversations it hosts.

From Intimate to Grand in Moments

The true beauty of the Bruce Extending Dining Table lies in its functional flair. It effortlessly transitions from a cosy setting for close gatherings to an expansive platform for celebrations, proving that flexibility can indeed come with a hefty dose of style.

A Foundation of Strength and Style

At its core, the Bruce Extending Dining Table is anchored by a robust crossed leg base, a design choice that offers unmatched stability while doubling as a striking visual element. It's a balance of form and function that ensures your culinary creations are supported by a foundation as solid as your cooking.

A Modern Canvas for Culinary Masterpieces

The tabletop, with its stone-like finish, bridges the gap between modern aesthetics and classic sensibility. It's not merely a surface but a canvas, inviting you to present your dishes on a backdrop that complements every meal with a touch of elegance.

The Centrepiece of Every Gathering

More than a dining table, the Bruce Extending Dining Table acts as a stylish centrepiece, drawing people together and inviting them to linger. In the world of dining tables, it stands out as a bold statement piece, around which guests gather not just to eat but to connect and create memories.

Dimensions and Details

Weight 79 kg
Dimensions 140-180 × 90 × 76 cm
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Table shape

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