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Cameron Quilted Bar Stool

Cameron Quilted Bar Stool

RRP: 199.00

  • 50 W x 57 D x 98 H cm
  • Seat height – 72 H cm
  • Diamond quilted faux leather cover
  • Powder-coated legs and stretchers
  • Striking angled stool base
  • Generously padded seat and back
  • Statement design that will suit urban, rustic, and contemporary retro settings
  • Part of industrial luxe Cameron furniture range
  • Our bar stool collection can be found here
Number of variations: 2
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Cameron Quilted Bar Stool: Upholding Comfort with a Side of Chic

Ever heard a piece of furniture whisper sweet nothings about its style and comfort? No? Then, you haven't met the Cameron Quilted Bar Stool.

Sit down in style

Smartly dressed in a dapper diamond-quilted faux leather and offering a generously padded seat and back, the Cameron Quilted Bar Stool is just the kind of comfort your weary legs have been gossiping about at the end of a long day on your feet. It’s a stool that promises to hold you in a comforting embrace - a “seat-hug” if you will.

The bold and the beautiful

And then there's the stool's endurance.  Its powder-coated legs, and striking angled base, ensure it's as sturdy as it is suave. Like the refined cousin of a gymnast, this stool balances grace and strength with an enviable ease.

It's real pièce de résistance, however, is Its chameleon-like adaptability. Whether you place it in an urban loft, a rustic farmhouse, or a retro-styled home, this stool not only fits in but manages to steal the limelight.

pick your palette: Subtle grey or robust brown?

The Cameron Quilted Bar Stool takes a stride into the world of colours with two splendid options: a refined grey and a rich brown. The sophisticated grey lends a contemporary touch, effortlessly elevating any modern decor, while the deep brown imbues a sense of warmth and classic appeal, instantly adding depth to your space. Each hue, in its own unique way, enhances the stool's industrial luxe aesthetics, creating a delectable visual treat for your interiors and a visual feast for your eyes.

So, add a dash of industrial luxe to your space with the Cameron Quilted Bar Stool. Because why should your furniture be any less fabulous than you?

Dimensions and Details

Weight N/A
Dimensions 50 × 57 × 98 cm
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