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Chambery Weathered Oak Coffee Table


Chambery Weathered Oak Coffee Table

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  • 110 W x 60 D x 42.8 H cm
  • Solid framed oak veneer panel table top
  • Table top also features a weathered finish to highlight the grain and character of the oak
  • Peppercorn finished solid ash “A” frame legs offer striking contrast
  • Elegant solid brass inlays offer a touch of sophistication
  • Lower open shelf for added storage
  • Will look at home in a modern style home
  • Part of the Chambery range

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Chambery Weathered Oak Coffee Table: When Coffee Time Meets Class

Pour a cup of sophistication with the Chambery Weathered Oak Coffee Table. This stately piece transforms your living room into a grand lounge brimming with character.

A coffee table that is top of the class

Boasting a solid framed oak veneer panel table top, Chambery wears a weathered finish that highlights the grain and unique character of the oak, providing the perfect stage for your memorable coffee moments.

Stand on style

Resting on peppercorn finished solid ash "A" frame legs, the Chambery Weathered Oak Coffee Table strikes a contrast that's as bold as it is beautiful. These legs don't just support—they make a style statement.

A touch of the refined

Adorned with elegant solid brass inlays, Chambery doesn't shy away from a bit of show-off. These inlays are like whispers of opulence that echo through your space.

A shelf for the extra

Chambery isn't just about the top. The lower open shelf offers an additional stage for your books, magazines, or those coasters you've been meaning to display.

Modern muse

Whether you're a lover of all things Mid Century Modern or a fan of Contemporary Industrial, Chambery effortlessly finds a way to fit into your decor narrative.

A stylish squad

As a part of the Chambery range, this coffee table isn't alone in its quest for style. Couple it with other pieces from the collection for a harmonious ensemble.

The Chambery Weathered Oak Coffee Table isn't just a piece of furniture—it's the protagonist of your living room narrative. It's time to elevate coffee time to a chic affair with Chambery.

Dimensions and Details

Dimensions 110 × 60 × 42.8 cm
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