Coffee table decor

Coffee table decor for standout living room style

Your coffee table is one of those pieces that offers the perfect blend of practicality and visual appeal. A key element in your living room, you need a coffee table as a place to set down a cup of tea or keep a good book close at hand. 

A coffee table also provides an ideal base for a decorative display; using the right coffee table decor will help you tie a room together and create a standout look for your space. Read on for some of our favourite coffee table decor tips and setups that are sure to impress. 

Create an arrangement for artistic appeal

Like a console table or shelf, a coffee table is a great space to display your favourite trinkets and keepsakes. Obviously, there are some classic items that appear in coffee table decor — flowers, art books, and candles, to name a few — but as the focal point for your living room, the coffee table is a chance to really showcase your personal home decor style. 

There are a whole host of unexpected ways to decorate your coffee table that will add personalised style to your living room. Give your coffee table decor a theme that fits in with your hobbies and interests, show off a collection or set of souvenirs, or opt for an eclectic mix of items for a fun, maximalist feel. Group items of different sizes and choose pieces with an array of textures to really get that artistic look. 

Choose minimalist decor that packs a punch

Not into the maximalist look? There are also plenty of gorgeous minimalist coffee table decor options that prove that less can be more. Particularly in a small living room, a heavily-decorated coffee table can make a compact space feel cluttered, so you may not want to overwhelm your tabletop with an array of trinkets and decorative items.
Instead, choose one larger, star piece that offers a standout focal point for the room. Rather than a set of small candles or a group of tiny plants, a single large pillar candle or a bold bouquet of flowers will make a striking centrepiece. You could also think outside of the box and go for an unexpected item that will turn your coffee table into a real conversation piece. 

Practical pieces are also a good option for a smaller space; a bowl or tray to hold remotes or keys adds a functional aspect to your coffee table while still maintaining decorative style. 

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Use a catchall tray for convenient decorating

The right coffee table decor is a delicate balance between filling the space in a visually appealing way and also leaving enough room for teacups and other practical considerations. One of the best ways to achieve this ideal equilibrium is to use a catchall tray to hold your decorative details. 

Whether you opt for a chic piece crafted of mirrors and metal or a more rustic alternative made from wood or rattan, a tray can serve as the base for your arrangement of decorative items and help to create a cohesive look. 

And not only does a tray add to the visual styling of your coffee table decor, but if you need the extra tabletop space for practical reasons, you can easily lift the tray onto another surface rather than needing to move each individual piece of your decorative setup. 

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Don’t forget about floorspace and shelves

If you have a glass coffee table that lets you see the floor beneath, or a coffee table with lower shelves, don’t forget to consider these spaces as well when it comes to your coffee table decor. 

A colourful, patterned area rug can catch the eye when you spot it through the transparent top of a glass coffee table; use the colours and textures to enhance the overall look and theme of your coffee table decor. 

Likewise, if your coffee table has open shelves underneath, you can use them as a space for decorative objects, freeing up the tabletop for practical items like mugs and television remotes. Or, go for the reverse and keep necessary pieces underneath to give yourself more space for a decorative display on top. 

Coffee tables and coffee table decor inspiration and more

Create a fabulous focal point for your living room, and a beautiful and practical addition to your home with coffee tables and coffee table decor from Corcoran’s. Shop coffee tables online and in-store, and find an array of accessories to suit every interior design sensibility and help you complete the look.

If you’re searching for some inspiration before you shop, check us out on instagram! We love to showcase our favourite tips and tricks for lovely home decor styling. And if you’re looking for personalised assistance, get in touch! Our expert team can help you find the ideal coffee table setup for your home. 


Lauren Mateer

Lauren Mateer

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