Comfortable Office Chairs

Good posture and back support are essential pieces of a home office setup, whether you are working from home or creating a study space in which you can thrive. Comfortable office chairs ensure that your work-from-home routine doesn’t end with back pain or achy hips. At Corcoran’s, our office chairs are designed for comfort, with ergonomic details ensuring support, airflow, and adjustability. High-quality, hard-wearing design will make our comfortable office chairs integral elements of your home office for years to come. 

Comfortable office chairs with an array of features

There are many elements that add to the comfort of an office chair, and the range we offer here at Corcoran’s combines a wide variety, including: 

High back comfortable office chairs

High back office chairs are comfy office chairs thanks to a design that supports your back and neck with ample cushioning and a sturdy design. They are often equipped with headrests and lumbar support for extra bolstering.  

Comfortable mesh back office chairs

When you’re sitting at your desk all day, you don’t want to stand up with a sweaty back, and that’s why mesh back office chairs are a comfortable choice. They’re not only flexible and supple, but also promote airflow for temperature control. 

Comfortable swivel office chairs

Stretching to reach a computer mouse, laptop keyboard, or desk essentials like pens and notebooks can lead to strain on your arms and shoulders, so alleviate this with comfortable desk chairs that swivel and adjust. Change the seat height, move on castors, or turn with ease to access desk items without overstretching. 

Work from home essentials and more at Corcoran’s

Choose a comfortable office chair and then select an office desk to match. Finish the room with other office furniture like a bookcase, then explore our furniture options for other rooms of the house. We also have collections of flooring, wallpaper, window treatments, and more, so you can refresh any space with pieces from our range. 

Get in touch for expert comfortable office chair advice

If you’re not sure which features are the most important when choosing your ideal office chair for comfort, why not ask our team! Ring us at 064 669 112 or send a message through our contact form, and we’ll be in touch to help you out.