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Eileen Small Oak Sideboard

Eileen Small Oak Sideboard

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  • 98.5 W x 40 D x 80 H cm
  • Sleekly Handless: The Eileen Small Oak Sideboard, where handles are passé and sleekness is king. It’s modern minimalism at its finest, effortlessly blending into contemporary realms.
  • Sophisticated Butcher’s Block: Sporting a top with artisanal butcher’s block construction, this sideboard whispers tales of sophistication and crafted elegance, all without the need for a cleaver.
  • Robustly Protected: Clad in a durable lacquer, it’s like a knight in shining armour for your oak, accentuating its beauty while guarding against the onslaught of daily life.
  • Invitingly Warm: With its oak build, this sideboard doesn’t just enter a room; it warmly embraces it, making any space more inviting than a cup of tea on a rainy day.
  • Uniquely Charactered Timber: The lacquer finish not only protects but also plays the role of a spotlight, showcasing the oak’s unique grain and natural flair, making every piece a one-of-a-kind.
  • Stylishly Versatile Storage: Designed with a nod to practicality, the EIleen oak sideboard offers ample storage, ensuring your belongings are as stylishly tucked away as they are accessible.
  • Timelessly Complementary: This piece is a chameleon of style, able to complement various interior themes from rustic charm to sleek modern, making it a timeless addition to any space.
  • Part of the Eileen range

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The Eileen Small Oak Sideboard A Nod to the Contemporary

The Eileen Small Oak Sideboard stands proudly in the realm of modern design, boasting a sleek, handle-free façade that whispers elegance and whispers it loudly. It's the kind of contemporary that doesn't just fit into your living space—it actually makes it.

Craftsmanship That Speaks Volumes

Atop this marvel sits an artisanal butcher's block-style top, a testament to sophisticated craftsmanship. Making this oak sideboard a conversation starter, a piece that says, "Yes, I know what artisanal means."

Protected Beauty

Enveloped in a robust lacquer coating, the Eileen is like a knight in shining armor—protective, resilient, and a bit showy. This layer doesn't just protect; it elevates the oak's natural beauty to the level of art gallery-worthy.

A Beacon of Warmth

Crafted from oak, the Eileen small oak sideboard radiates warmth, transforming any room into an inviting haven. It's the furnishing equivalent of a warm hug, without the awkwardness of actual human contact.

Unique As You

Thanks to the unique timber characteristics highlighted by the lacquer finish, no two Eileens are exactly alike. Like snowflakes, if snowflakes were made of oak and incredibly stylish.

The Versatile Storer

With its practical design, the Eileen Small Oak Siderboard offers a storage solution that doesn’t skimp on style. It's the answer to your storage prayers, assuming said prayers are both specific and furniture-related.

Timelessly in Vogue

The Eileen Small Oak Sideboard's timeless design ensures it complements any interior theme, from the rustic charm of a countryside cottage to the crisp lines of a modern city apartment. It's a future heirloom, ready to be the backdrop of family photos for years to come.

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Weight 33 kg
Dimensions 98.5 × 40 × 80 cm
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