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Empire Rectangular Rug

Empire Rectangular Rug

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  • Palette Pleaser: Available in a spectrum of both vivacious and understated shades, there’s an Empire for every ambiance.
  • Posh Pile Height: At 0.50 cm, the Empire ensures your floors wear a plush cloak of comfort.
  • Divine Underfoot Delight: Its supremely cosy texture promises an opulent step into luxury.
  • Pure Polyester Plush: Crafted from 100% polyester for a silky-smooth touch.
  • Focal Point Fantasy: Its standout shade and pristine quality crown it the centrepiece of any room.
Number of variations: 10
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The Empire Rectangular Rug:  A Colourful Coronation for Your Floor

Dabble in a realm where colours don't just speak; they sing. Whether you crave a vibrant fanfare or a muted serenade, the Empire Rectangular Rug offers a hue tailored to your mood. Dive into a spectrum of choices, each with the power to seamlessly blend or audaciously stand out.

A plush pathway to paradise

Sometimes, luxury is measured in centimeters. With its posh 0.50 cm pile height, the Empire Rectangular Rug isn't just any old rug—it's your feet's preferred red carpet. Glide across, and let every step resonate with warmth and splendor.

Seduction for the sole

Remember the allure of walking on clouds? Empire resurrects that dream, presenting an underfoot experience that's nothing short of rapturous. Its texture—a symphony of cosiness—invites you to leave behind your shoes and worries.

Silken steps with polyester promises

A touch, a caress, a gentle embrace—it's an unmatched experience. Lovingly crafted from 100% polyester, the Empire Rectangular Rug promises a softness that whispers tales of luxury. Its embrace is like the soft lullaby of a serene night.

Centre stage splendour

Every room has a story, and every story needs its hero. Let the Empire be yours. Its signature shade, paired with impeccable quality, transforms it from a mere rug into a narrative's focal point. A tale of elegance, waiting to be told.

Embrace the Empire, where every footstep is a dance, every colour a dream, and every room a kingdom.

Dimensions and Details

Dimensions 0.5 cm



80×150 cm, 120×170 cm, 160×220 cm

Colour family

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