Living Room Rugs

Whether you want to make a statement and enhance your decor, or your goal is to keep your feet warm, cosy, and comfy, living room rugs are a great investment. At Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets, we have an exhaustive line-up of living room rugs to browse and buy online or in-store, including simple yet stylish options as well as bold and bright alternatives.

Lots of living room rugs available

Every living room is unique, so it makes sense that you should have numerous choices when it comes to the rugs you select for your own home. At Corcoran’s, your options include:

Large living room rugs

To help fill the most expansive spaces, or to act as a covering that protects most of a room’s floor from the furniture that sits on it, our large rugs are ideal. They come in a wide array of colours and designs, whether you are looking for green rugs, navy rugs, or any other bright hue, or if you prefer neutral tones like greys and whites. You can also base your choice on the thickness of the pile, the shape of the rug itself, or the type of material used, whether natural or synthetic.

Traditional living room rugs

As well as providing plenty of modern rug options, Corcoran’s is home to a range of products in this category that instead embrace a more traditional approach to design. This means you can match the design of the rug to the age or style of your property, as well as to the rest of the furniture that is already occupying the space you intend for it. In short, if you have a specific rug in mind or if you are happy to browse to find inspiration, Corcoran’s is the place to be.

All sorts of other products to consider

As well as providing customers across Ireland with lots of different flooring products, Corcoran’s can be your one-stop shop for everything from armchairs and sofa beds to table lamps, photo frames, and accessories. Order online for home delivery or visit us at our stores in Kerry and Limerick to pick products in person.

How to get in touch with Corcoran’s

If you need to ask questions about furniture and flooring, or you are looking for general advice from experts, then please contact our friendly, helpful team by calling them on 064 669 1112 or by using our contact form to send an email.