Fabric Recliner Chairs – Perfect Upholstered Seating

Feel the relaxation wash over you when you settle down in your fabric recliner chair, delivered to your door by Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets. We have lots of high-quality, competitively priced fabric recliner chairs to choose between, including super stylish and modern models that prove there is a place in contemporary living rooms for this type of seating.

Find fantastic fabric recliner chairs right here

Our site is packed with an incredible range of recliner chairs including fabric-upholstered models that dispel the idea that all recliners are upholstered in leather.

Fabulous fabrics of many colours are available throughout this range, and the same level of choice applies to the styling of the chairs’ designs as well. From vintage-inspired recliners to on-trend examples that are eminently grounded in the 21st century, you can take your pick of products for every taste.

Extra features galore

Fabric recliner chairs offer not only different styles to consider, but also a host of different added functions and included extras that could seal the deal, depending on your needs. This includes:

Fabric lift and tilt recliner chairs

Electrically operated chairs that raise and lower at the press of a button for convenience and comfort that is second to none.

Fabric manual recliners

Use a simple lever to activate the mechanisms and adjust the backrest and footrest to the right angle.

Fabric recliners with separate footstools

Some of the more compact fabric recliner models will eschew an integrated footrest in favour of a separate footstool, which may be selected separately or included as a bundle with the main chair.

There are lots of other fabric recliner chairs to consider, including those sized for children, so scour our site to see the whole range.

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From high-quality sofas and delightful dining room sets to excellent garden furniture, beautiful bed frames and beyond, Corcoran’s is your one-stop-shop for competitively priced, seriously stylish products.

You can even find accessories such as vases, photo frames, tableware, and more on our site, letting you fulfil any home makeover ambitions you have been harbouring.

Need help choosing fabric recliner chairs?

We are happy to assist you in learning more about products as well as picking between them, so call Corcoran’s on 064 669 1112 or let our team know what you need by using our online contact form to send us an email today.