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Flexy Low Profile Thin Roll Up Mattress


Flexy Low Profile Thin Roll Up Mattress


  • Slim Silhouette: Measuring at approximately 19 cm deep, this low-profile mattress is elegantly thin.
  • Versatile Fit: Crafted with bunk and mid-sleeper beds in mind.
  • Dual Core: Features both hard felt and a 14 cm bonnel spring layer for balanced comfort.
  • Plush Exterior: Cloaked in quilted foam and available in both single and standard double sizes.
  • Cool yet Cosy: Thermoregulated with siliconised fiber and a ticked mattress cover to keep temperatures in check.
  • Protector’s Pitch: Ensure longevity by pairing with a mattress protector.
  • Sleep Selection: Dive into our broad online collection to find your dream mattress.
  • Rolled & Ready: Explore the rest of our convenient roll-up mattress range.


Number of variations: 2
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Flexi Low Profile Thin Roll Up Mattress: Elegance meets Ergonomics

Slender by design

Dive deep, but not too deep. The Flexi Thin Roll Up Mattress, with its approximately 19 cm depth, is a nod to the minimalist. Designed slim, it's the prime fit for most bunk and mid-sleeper beds.

Dual comfort chronicles

Harmonising hard felt with a 14 cm bonnel spring layer, this mattress sings a lullaby of comfort each time you recline like it's an orchestra of plushness.

Dressed to the Z's

Encased in layers of quilted foam, the Flexi Thin Roll Up Mattress doesn't just bedazzle in terms of comfort. Whether you're a singular sleeper or a double dreamer, it's tailored to perfection.

Cool under the covers

Ever had dreams of the Arctic or the breezy Alps? With its thermoregulated siliconised fiber and ticked cover, the Flexi ensures your sleep is as cool as those frosty fantasies.

Preserve the plush

Love your mattress and want it for keeps? Add a mattress protector to your cart and keep the Flexi looking and feeling fresh for years.

Pick of the pack

Our extensive online collection beckons. Whether you're chasing cloud-like softness or firm support, the perfect night's repose awaits you.

Roll with the times

Convenience, thy name is Roll-up. Glide into our roll-up mattress range and discover the world of mattresses that marry form, function, and flair.

The Flexi Low Profile Thin Roll Up Mattress isn't just about catching Z's. Sweet dreams are made of these!

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Dimensions 19 cm
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