Green Rugs

From light lime to rich emerald, green rugs encompass all sorts of hues, and there are also a selection of patterns and size options to consider when you shop at Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets. We deliver green rugs to customers nationwide, and our stores in Kerry and Limerick are the place to see all our fab floor coverings in person.

A multitude of green rugs on offer

You can pick green rugs from Corcoran’s that fit in with your personal tastes and suit the rest of your home’s decor, as well as having options that are practical for the space itself. Our range includes:

Living room rugs

Green rugs for the living room can be thick and comfortable or bold and decorative. They can also be large to suit expansive living spaces, or compact to sit perfectly under a coffee table or other piece of furniture.

Bedroom rugs

Typically chosen to add that extra layer of warmth and cushiness to bedroom floors, green rugs can look great and keep your feet free from chills during the colder months of the year while you are getting ready for the day ahead.

Exceptional design variety

Another thing to mention about the green rugs offered by Corcoran’s is that you are not limited to single colours or tones, but can instead select from plenty of different hues so that you can precisely match other pieces of furniture, as well as the walls. Pattered green rugs, for example, are a popular choice if you want a floor covering that will draw the eye and break up space, so finding something that meets your needs is a breeze when you shop for rugs on our site.

Combine rugs with other furniture products we supply

When you add a rug to your basket, why not also consider investing in one of the many other furniture options available from Corcoran’s? We have fabric and leather sofas, dining benches and chairs, garden furniture sets, and a world of other excellent items to discover, with home delivery available throughout Ireland.

Got a question? Please get in touch with us

We will happily handle any queries you might have about our furniture products or guide you towards the right item for you; all you need to do is fill out our response form or call Corcoran’s on 064 669 1112 today.