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How to Choose the Best Dining Chairs

When you are shopping for furniture for your dining area, do you prefer to buy a dining table and chairs as a set or to select each piece separately? While buying a dining set or shopping from a single range can be a quick and convenient option, if you’re willing to create your own pairing of dining chairs and table, you can bring custom style to your dining area. 

Read on to learn how to choose the best dining chairs to coordinate with any dining table and add fantastic style to your space. 

Consider the size of your dining room

One of the first things to think about when you are buying any type of furniture is the size of the room you are furnishing, and shopping for dining chairs is no exception. Unlike some furniture types, most dining chairs are roughly the same size. However, there are still plenty of variations to choose from when it comes to the size and shape, depending on how much space you have to work with in your mealtime area. 

If you have a large, spacious dining room you will want stately dining chairs to match. Wider chairs with taller backs, or dining chairs with arms can be great options for filling the space. On the other hand, if you have a smaller room or have opted for a larger dining table that takes up a lot of room, there are plenty of compact yet stylish dining chair options that will keep things from feeling cramped and still offer room to move. 

Look at the placement of your furniture

The positioning of your dining table will also help to decide the right size or type of dining chairs. If you have a dedicated dining room, then a set of matching chairs is ideal. Or select matching chairs for the sides and armchairs for the ends of a rectangular table. 

However, if your dining table is in an open-plan room or in the kitchen, you might consider putting your dining table in one corner of the space and opting for a dining bench in addition to a set of dining chairs so that you can seat more people while still saving space. 

Coordinate style to your dining table

There are plenty of styles to choose from when you are selecting the best chairs for your kitchen or dining area. And the best way to narrow down your options is to look at your dining table. If you have an ultra-sleek, contemporary table, then naturally you will want modern chairs to match. On the other hand, if your table is traditional, like a classic-style oak table, then timeless chairs will make the perfect pair. 

Likewise, you can use the details of your dining table to inspire your choices for chair colours, materials, budget, and more. Some of these factors are obvious — you’ll want dining chairs that complement your table in looks and design. However, you can also consider things like how often you intend to use the table (i.e. is it in a separate space for special occasion meals or is it the mealtime setup you’ll use every day?) when determining the best chairs to complete the setup. 

Don’t be afraid to break the rules

We’ve just given you some guidance on picking the right dining chairs for your kitchen or dining room, but part of finding your dream interior decorating style also involves learning what you love and what will make your house feel like a home. Sometimes this may be at odds with the advice we offer or the advice you see on other interior design blogs… and that’s okay! 

Dining chairs are a great opportunity to experiment with breaking the interior design rules because they are a smaller item of furniture. While you might not want to commit to a suite or bed that goes against traditional design sensibilities, dining chairs are a secondary item of furniture that leaves room to play. 

If you are after an eclectic look for your dining area, try colourful chairs or options with stylish upholstery details like tufting or velvet. If you’re worried about overwhelming the space, pair bold chairs with a simple, minimalist dining table to create a balanced look. 

Shop the best dining chairs for your home

Classic or contemporary, basic or bold, you can find all sorts of fabulous dining chairs at Corcoran’s. Whether you visit our Kerry and Limerick showrooms to see our chairs in person or you shop right now online to refresh breakfast, lunch, and dinner with kitchen and dining room style, you’re sure to find your new favourite dining chairs at Corcoran’s. 

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