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Jasmine Small Wooden Sideboard


Jasmine Small Wooden Sideboard

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  • 90 W x 38 D x 75 H cm
  • Natural Meets Industrial: The Jasmine Small Wooden Sideboard brings the forest to the foundry, merging oak’s earnestness with metal’s mettle.
  • Timber Tales: Let the pronounced grain detailing narrate the history of the great outdoors, right in your living room.
  • Linear Panache: Crisp lines carve out a modern silhouette, making the Jasmine a straight-edge icon in a curved world.
  • Bare Necessities: This small wooden sideboard takes minimalism to heart, proving that less is more, except when it comes to style.
  • Practicality with Presence: Offers more than just a place to hide your clutter; it’s the silent conversationalist of your space.
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Jasmine Small Wooden Sideboard: Where Wood Meets Metal in Matrimony

Nestled in the heart of your home, the Jasmine Small Wooden Sideboard is a testament to the marriage of natural charm and industrial robustness. This eye-catching piece is a conversation starter that whispers tales of woodland encased in the strength of an ironclad embrace.

A Timber Tribute

The surface of the Jasmine Sideboard is a canvas where the oak's life story is etched in every grain. It's the kind of texture that invites touch, rewarding the fingertips with tales of storms weathered and sunny days basked.

Design in Straight Lines

Modern living calls for modern design, and Jasmine answers with its straight-lined silhouette. It's geometry in its most charismatic form, turning heads with an outline that's sharp enough to compete with the cutlery it stores.

Minimalism Meets Function

With a nod to the minimalistic muse, the Jasmine Small Wooden Sideboard strips down to the essentials. It doesn't shout for attention; it stands with an understated elegance that complements your décor without overwhelming it.

The Practicality of Art

More than a mere storage space, the Jasmine Small Wooden Sideboard serves dual purposes. It's where your keepsakes find solace, and your room finds its missing puzzle piece. As functional as it is artistic, it's the unsung hero holding your space together.

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Weight 35 kg
Dimensions 90 × 38 × 75 cm
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