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Jasmine Small Wooden TV Unit


Jasmine Small Wooden TV Unit

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  • 90 W x 38 D x 50 H cm
  • Rustic Meets Rigid: The Jasmine Small Wooden TV Unit melds knotty wood charm with the stark bravado of metal, striking a balance between Mother Nature and industrial might.
  • Grain Grandeur: With grain so pronounced, you could read the wood’s life story. This unit adds a chapter of outdoor allure to your indoor saga.
  • Linear Lavishness: Its straight-edged silhouette carves a modern figure, making any room it graces a study in contemporary craft.
  • Minimalism with Moxie: Stripped of fuss, this TV unit is as unpretentious as a straight-talking old friend yet as sophisticated as a cocktail soriee.
  • Compact Command: Jasmine conquers small spaces with the finesse of a space-savvy general, offering up storage without the sprawl.
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The Jasmine Small Wooden TV Unit: Where Wood Meets Metal in Matrimony

Couched in the corner of your living room, the Jasmine Small Wooden TV Unit is the epitome of industrial romance. It's where the ruggedness of natural wood grain waltzes with the unbending resolve of metal, crafting a love story fit for modern living.

Timber's Tale on a Metallic Stage

The narrative of nature is etched into every inch of the Jasmine Small Wooden TV Unit, with timber textures that whisper tales of wild forests. This TV unit stages a silent ode to the great outdoors, right in the heart of your contemporary dwelling.

Design in Straight Lines

In a world where straight talk is a rarity, the Jasmine Small Wooden TV Unit is refreshingly direct. Its linear design speaks volumes in the language of minimalist luxury, making it a straight shooter in the world of contemporary interior design.

The Understated Charmer

Jasmine understands that complexity isn't a prerequisite for sophistication. It's a small wooden TV unit with a less-is-more ethos, proving that true elegance needs no embellishment. It’s minimalism, but with enough moxie to hold its own in any style standoff.

A Petite Powerhouse of Practicality

The Jasmine TV stand is also a masterclass in making the most of your square footage. Perfect for the spatially challenged, Jasmine serves up ample storage without engulfing your floor plan. It’s the small-space solution that big, bulky furniture can only dream of.

Crafted for the contemporary, the Jasmine Small Wooden TV Unit is a testament to the beauty of balance—a piece that brings the outdoors in without letting the city out.

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Weight 27 kg
Dimensions 90 × 38 × 50 cm
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