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Jasmine Wooden Coffee Table


Jasmine Wooden Coffee Table

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  • 85 W x 55 D x 40 H cm
  • Bold by Nature, Industrial by Choice: The Jasmine Wooden Coffee Table doesn’t just sit quietly; it makes a statement, blending the outdoors with a touch of warehouse chic.
  • Grain Glory: The top of this table isn’t shy about its roots, flaunting a wood grain so rich, it could give mahogany a run for its money.
  • Stands with Steel: Jamine’s legs are more than just support; they’re a nod to industrial design, offering a sturdy contrast that’s as reliable as it is stylish.
  • A Study in Contrasts: This table is a masterclass in balance, pairing the predictable with the unpredictable, much like an Irish summer.
  • Versatile by Design: Perfect for any room looking to up its game, the Jasmine Wooden Coffee Table is a centrepiece that plays well with others.
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The Jasmine Wooden Coffee Table: A Marvel of Contrasts

In a world where furniture often has to choose sides, the Jasmine Wooden Coffee Table bravely walks the middle ground. It's a testament to what happens when you let tree rings meet steel beams—unexpectedly harmonious and undeniably bold.

Beauty in the Wooden Coffee Table Grain

The table top is a showcase of nature's handiwork, a wooden canvas that brings the great outdoors into the comfort of your living room. With grain so pronounced, it's almost a topographical map of its own lineage.

Foundation of Strength

Below, the solid metal legs of Jasmine stand firm, a stark but stylish reminder of this wooden coffee table’s industrial roots. It's as if the table is wearing its Sunday best, but with steel-toed boots—ready for anything.

Contrast with a Cause

The Jasmine Wooden Coffee Table doesn't just blend styles; it makes them sing in harmony. It’s the visual equivalent of a perfectly mixed cocktail—smooth, with just enough bite to keep things interesting.

Centre of Attention

More than just a place to rest your coffee mug, the Jasmine Wooden Coffee Table is a conversation starter that's designed to be the heart of the room. Equally at home in living spaces as it is in dining areas, proving that versatility can indeed come with a lot of style.

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Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 85 × 55 × 40 cm
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