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Jasmine Wooden Side Table


Jasmine Wooden Side Table

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  • 35 W x 35 D x 60 H cm
  • A lesson in contrasts: This dainty side table pairs rustic wood charm with cold, hard metal—a marriage of convenience for style aficionados.
  • Timber Tales: Each grain on the table tells a story, probably a long-winded epic about rings and things.
  • Geometry meets forestry: Clean lines parade around organic patterns, showcasing nature’s knack for irregularity.
  • Bare necessities: Stripped down to the essentials, this side table is as minimalist as your last three shopping trips combined.
  • A small footprint for a grand impression: Compact yet bold, this table is for those who whisper but still want to be heard.
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Jasmine Wooden Side Table: Where Function Meets Whimsy

Nestled snugly in your living space, the Jasmine Wooden Side Table is the strong, silent type that commands attention without needing to raise its voice. Crafted for those who appreciate the fine line between practicality and artistry, it’s a piece that doesn’t just stand there—it makes a statement doing so.

An Ode to Oak

Adorned with the kind of wood grain that could make a lumberjack weep, this side table is as robust as it is charismatic. The oak doesn't just speak; it sings, with each line and knot narrating a tale of stoic beauty. It’s a little slice of nature, domesticated for your cuppa and current read.

Industrial Flair

Then there’s the frame—sturdy metal with a no-nonsense attitude that says, “I'm here to support, not to overshadow.” It’s the trusty sidekick to the wooden hero, offering a modern touch with its sleek silhouette. Together, they strike a pose that’s equal parts nature and nurture, whispering of both forest canopies and urban lofts.

Less Is More, More or Less

In the spirit of minimalism, the Jasmine side table is unburdened by frivolous décor, allowing its clean lines and natural beauty to shine. It’s for those who revel in subtlety and find solace in the understated. After all, in a world of excess, sometimes a little table with a big presence is all you need.

Just like your favourite dry martini, the Jasmine Small Wooden Side Table is straightforward, no-fuss, and has the potential to become an essential part of your daily unwind—just without the olives.

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Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 60 cm
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