Large Nest of Tables

Large Nest of Tables

To create extra space in your living room and dining room we recommend considering our range of large nest of tables.

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To create extra space in your living room and dining room we recommend considering our range of large nest of tables. These are available to buy online today, with home delivery arranged, from Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets. Available in a variety of materials, these high-quality and robustly-made nests will endure around your home for many years.

For occasional use and entertaining guests buy a large nest of tables

Buy a large nest from Corcoran’s when you require extra space and surface area for special occasions. With this in mind, we also recommend considering as possible alternatives bedside tables, coffee tables, side tables, and storage units depending on your exact requirements.

Materials available

Material options available for large nests are glass, metal, and wood. These apply to both the stem/legs of the tables as well as the top surface.


Larger sized nests of tables are typically available in two or three table configurations. As these are larger in size there are also some sets, which are available in four table pull-outs.

Popular colours

A diverse number of colours are available including beige, black, brown, chrome (particularly for a metal nest of tables), clear, grey, white, and natural (for a wooden nest of tables).

Top shapes

Choose from a range of top (or surface) shapes. We have nests of tables with shapes including circular, hexagonal, oval, rectangular, round, semi-circular, square, and triangular. This flexibility of top shape also helps with interior décor.

If you have space to spare here are some large furniture options!

To accompany your large nest of tables, we also have a range of other large furniture options at Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets. Why not consider sitting at our large corner sofas, or entertaining with large coffee tables?

If you need storage, we have top-quality large display cabinets as well as large wardrobes. To add some style and a finishing touch we have a diverse range of accessories and furnishings, including our large clocks, large mirrors, and large vases.

Speak to us for friendly advice

Do you need advice about which nest of tables to select? We have a wide choice, contact us if you need to discuss any particular of this or other furniture. Speak to us by calling 064 669 1112 or email us via our contact form. We are always glad to help!

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