Leather Recliner Chairs – Choose from Electric or Manual Models

Leather recliner chairs have been a big hit for a long time, and you can join in with this timeless trend when you choose from the broad selection of products supplied by Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets. Chairs upholstered in genuine leather, with a whole host of extra features, will keep you comfortable for hours on end, so shop online today.

Lots of leather recliner chairs to consider

Whether you are looking for a more traditional leather recliner, or one that is packed with the latest features, Corcoran’s can help. Our line-up includes:

Manual chairs

Manually control the back and footrest angles with simple levers so that you can find your perfect seated position.

Electric powered chairs

Enjoy complete control over your chair with the press of a button thanks to recliners that have built-in electric motors for adjustability.

Lift & rise chairs

Perfect for people with limited mobility, a lift and rise recliner upholstered in leather will help you sit down and stand up without straining.

With separate footstools

While a built-in footrest is normal for this type of chair, you can also benefit from recliners with separate footstools that let you orient your setup however you see fit.

Aesthetic options

The great thing about leather recliner chairs is that there is not just one design, but rather a whole host of different styles available.

The leather can come in different colours, from rich reds and dusky browns to classic blacks and stylish greys. There are also variations in terms of the overall aesthetic, with vintage and modern models sitting side by side.

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Let us help you choose leather recliner chairs

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