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Marcella Navy Blue Corner TV Unit

Marcella Navy Blue Corner TV Unit

RRP: 249.00

  • 95 W x 40 D x 50 H cm
  • Sail into style with the Marcella Navy Corner TV Unit, a beacon of chic in navy blue, perfect for anchoring your entertainment essentials.
  • Adorned with an oak top finished in white wash oil, it’s a lighthouse of luxury amidst the sea of standards.
  • The unit’s soft curves and tapered legs are like the gentle waves leading you to a shore of sophistication.
  • Bold in colour yet soft in silhouette, this piece commands attention while still playing nice with the rest of your room’s decor.
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The Marcella Navy Blue Corner TV Unit: Navigating Nautical Chic

Set your sights on the Marcella Navy Blue Corner TV Unit, where the deep blue sea meets the pinnacle of home entertainment elegance. Far more impactful than somewhere to merely dock your TV; Marcella's a voyage into style, making a bold statement in navy blue that anchors your space with a splash of sophistication.

Luxury's Lighthouse

Crowned with an oak top and finished with a touch of white wash oil, the Marcella Navy Corner TV Unit stands as a beacon of luxury in a world awash with the commonplace. It’s where your entertainment essentials find not just a home but a haven, inviting you to navigate through channels and streams with the ease of a seasoned sailor on calm waters.

Curves and Waves of Elegance

Designed with soft curves and tapered legs, the Marcella Navy Blue Corner TV Unit mimics the gentle caress of waves, leading you to the shores of sophistication. It’s a testament to the power of gentle design, proving that strength and prominence can be achieved with softness and subtlety.

A Bold Statement in Soft Silhouette

Bold in colour yet soft in its silhouette, the Marcella Navy Blue Corner TV Unit commands the attention of any room without overwhelming it. This piece knows how to make a statement while playing harmoniously with your existing decor, much like a well-navigated ship making its confident yet graceful way through the waters.

It's for those who seek to marry the adventurous spirit of the sea with the comfort and sophistication of home entertainment. With the Marcella, let each viewing be a journey, and let your living room be the compass pointing towards unparalleled style.

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Dimensions 95 × 40 × 50 cm
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