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Marcella White 6 Drawer Chest

Marcella White 6 Drawer Chest

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  • 120 W x 40 D x 75 H cm
  • Coconut White Canvas: The Marcella White 6 Drawer Chest invites your essentials to dress up in pristine Coconut White, turning storage into a fashion statement.
  • Oak’s Enduring Serenade: Adorned with oak tops swathed in white wash oil, this piece sings an eternal ode to nature’s undying allure.
  • Customisable Charm: Opt for pewter knobs for a sprinkle of classic elegance or oak for a dab of rustic chic, tailoring your chest to today’s mood or room’s motif.
  • Soft Curves, Gentle Presence: Marcella flaunts soft curves and tapered legs, promising to tread lightly yet beautifully in any room decor.
  • Elegantly Organised: Six drawers unfold as six opportunities to compartmentalise your life with flair and finesse.
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The Marcella White 6 Drawer Chest: Where Style Meets Storage

Introducing the Marcella White 6 Drawer Chest, a piece where the elegance of coconut white meets the practicality of spacious storage. This isn't your ordinary chest of drawers; it's a sartorial choice for the discerning room, ready to elevate your storage game from mere necessity to high fashion.

Fashion-Forward Storage

Imagine a chest that doesn't just store, but also showcases. With its coconut white finish,  Marcella is like a haute couture gown for your room, turning the mundane task of organising into an act of style. Each drawer offers a sanctuary for your essentials, promising not just order, but a display worthy of admiration.

A Nod to Nature's Nobility

Crowned with oak tops bathed in white wash oil, this white 6 drawer chest pays tribute to the timeless charm of the natural world. It's as if each drawer is framed by stories of ancient forests and serene landscapes, inviting a touch of the outdoors into the very fabric of your home.

Tailor Your Look

Why settle for one when you can have two? The Marcella White 6 Drawer Chest comes with a choice of pewter or oak knobs, allowing you to accessorise based on the day's mood or room's theme. It's like choosing between cufflinks for a touch of evening glamour or keeping it casual with a leather bracelet.

Elegance in Every Curve

With its soft curves and tapered legs, the Marcella White 6 Drawer Chest promises not to dominate but to complement. It's a piece designed not just for the eye but for the flow of the room, ensuring it adds a gentle yet undeniable charm without ever overstaying its welcome.

Organised in Style

Six drawers mean six chances to get your organisational game on point, with each slide and close a step closer to a clutter-free existence. But let's be honest, in the world of Marcella, it's less about being organised and more about living in style.

Part of the Bigger Picture

Belonging to the diverse Marcella Bedroom Range, this chest is but a chapter in a saga of stylish furnishings. It's your invitation to mix, match, and curate a space that's not only lived in but also loved.

The Marcella White 6 Drawer Chest doesn't just offer storage; it brings a touch of elegance, a hint of nature, and a dash of customisation to your space, proving that when it comes to furnishing, it's not about filling spaces—it's about fulfilling your room's potential for beauty and order.

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Dimensions 120 × 40 × 75 cm
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