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Marcella White Bedside Table

Marcella White Bedside Table

RRP: 179.00

  • 45 W x 36 D x 59 H cm
  • Coconut White Serenity: The Marcella White Bedside Table is your bed’s finest companion, bathed in calming coconut white, promising restful nights and serene mornings.
  • Oak’s Lasting Whisper: Graced with oak tops finished in a soft white wash oil, adding a touch of natural elegance to your nighttime retreat.
  • Tailored Touches: Options of an elegant pewter knob or a subdued oak white wash knob let you personalise with a refined or understated twist.
  • Gentle Silhouette: Soft curves and tapered legs craft a presence that’s felt more in spirit than in space, enhancing your sanctuary without overwhelming it.
  • Bedside Charm: Its a timeless piece blending style with utility, offering a patient, charming vigil over your slumber.
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The Marcella White Bedside Table: A Nightly Nod to Elegance

Welcome to the world of the Marcella White Bedside Table, where function meets finesse right beside your pillow. Its your nighttime knight in coconut white armour, ready to guard your dreams and keep your bedtime essentials within arm's reach.

A Bedside Table in Coconut White Dreamscape

Dressed in the tranquil hues of Coconut White, the Marcella White Bedside Table anchors your sleep sanctuary in serenity. It's like having a cloud by your bed, minus the chance of rain.

Whispering Woods

The oak tops, finished with a whisper of white wash oil, bring a slice of the eternal forest to your bedroom, marrying the charm of nature with the grace of modern design. It's a silent ode to timeless elegance, ensuring your bedtime book and alarm clock rest on something almost as dreamy as your pillow.

Choose Your Chapter

Why settle for one style when you can choose? Pewter knobs add a dash of sophistication, while oak knobs keep things coolly understated. It’s like deciding between wearing a bow tie or a necktie to breakfast in bed—both are correct, depending on the day.

A Silhouette That Speaks Softly

With its gentle curves and tapered legs, the Marcella White Bedside Table whispers rather than shouts, complementing your bedroom's vibe without demanding the spotlight. It's there when you need it, but it knows how to let your bed be the star of the show.

Bedside Poetry

This white bedside table is the stanza in the poem of your room's design. It stands by, patiently holding your late-night teas, early morning coffees, and the endless parade of books that promise, "Just one more chapter."

The Marcella White Bedside Table is where style beds down for the night. It’s not merely a place to stash your alarm clock or a glass of water; it's a companion in your journey to dreamland, offering a touch of elegance and a whisper of nature’s tranquillity at your bedside. With Marcella, every night is a good night.

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Dimensions 45 × 36 × 59 cm
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