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Marcella White Lamp Table


Marcella White Lamp Table

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  • 45 W x 45 D x 45 H cm
  • Grace your space with a white lamp table that offers not just support, but a sturdy embrace, thanks to its oak top and white wash finish.
  • Whether you fancy a touch of pewter elegance or prefer the rustic charm of washed-oak, the choice is yours.
  • Boasting soft curves and tapered legs, this table moves with the grace of a prima ballerina in the theatre of your living room.
  • Far beyond a mere pedestal for lamps, the Marcella White Lamp Table serves as a stage for everything from morning brews to midnight musings.
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Illuminating Elegance: The Marcella White Lamp Table

The Marcella White Lamp Table stands as a beacon of style, its pristine white finish not only complements your decor but truly lifts it, offering a bright spot of elegance for your most enlightening moments.

Crafted with Care, Crowned with Oak

Atop this luminary stand rests a surface kissed by the gentle touch of oak, finished in a soothing white wash oil. It's a testament to durability and design, providing a sturdy yet elegant shoulder for your favourite lamps and glowing friends.

A Knob for Every Narrative

With the Marcella White Lamp Table, choose between the noble elegance of a pewter knob or the tranquil touch of a washed-oak one. It's your opportunity to infuse the table with your personal touch, making it truly a part of your home.

The Grace of Design

Like the svelte dancer of your home decor ensemble, the Marcella White Lamp Table brings curve appeal and tapered legs into the limelight, showcasing a silhouette that's as graceful as it is grounded. It's designed to complement, not overpower, adding a soft yet striking presence to any room.

Beyond Illumination: A Canvas for Your Lifestyle

The Marcella White Lampt Table transcends its role as a mere lamp table. It invites you to explore its versatility, from displaying curios to holding your morning coffee or evening wine. It's a piece that wears its multifunctionality elegantly, ready to adapt to your changing needs and moods.

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Dimensions 45 × 45 × 47 cm
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