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Marcella White Large Sideboard

Marcella White Large Sideboard

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  • 130 W x 36 D x 80 H cm
  • The Marcella Large Sideboard, where a white finish and ample storage space meet to marry form with function.
  • The oak top is a testament to the heart of your home, ready to host your most cherished displays.
  • Choose your chapter with pewter for elegance or oak for a natural narrative.
  • With curves and legs that suggest motion, the Marcella Large White Sideboard enchants as much as it stands.
  • Embrace a world where storage meets style, and the mess of daily life gracefully bows out.
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The Marcella White Large Sideboard: A Masterclass in Elegance

Introducing the Marcella White Large Sideboard, where the marriage of spacious sophistication and endless elegance is more than just a happy union; it's a storage solution par excellence, dressed in its finest white. This is the belle of the ball in your dining room, ready to sweep the clutter off its feet and into a well-organised embrace.

The elegance of oak and white

The durable oak top of the the Marcella White Large Sideboard offers incomparable elegance as it reigns supreme over the kingdom of your dining area, graciously hosting everything from your prized porcelain to your less majestic post pile. It's a sturdy stage for your home's ever-changing tableau.

A Tale of Two Knobs

In the left corner is the pewter knob, ready to add a dash of drama and a pinch of panache. In the right, the oak knob whispering tales of tranquil forests and serene landscapes. The choice? Entirely yours. Each brings its own flavour to the table.

Graceful Stance

The Marcella White Large Sideboard quite simply owns the space it occupies. With soft curves and tapered legs that could make it the prima ballerina of your dining space, should furniture ever take up dance. It's a silhouette that commands attention without ever raising its voice.

Stylish Storage Savvy

The real magic of the Marcella White Large Sideboard lies in its ability to make the clutter of daily life elegantly disappear. With a sweep of its spacious compartments, life's messes are tidied away, out of sight but always in style. Let there be order, and let it be chic.

The Marcella White Large Sideboard isn't just about storage; it's about making a statement. With its blend of form, function, and a touch of whimsy, it invites you to rethink what a sideboard can be: a piece of your personal narrative, dressed impeccably in white and ready to tackle storage with sophistication.

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Dimensions 130 × 36 × 80 cm
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