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Megara Cashmere Oak Bed Frame


Megara Cashmere Oak Bed Frame


  • Scandi Sleekness: Boasts a design so sleek and Scandinavian, it practically radiates “hygge” from every angle. Perfect for those who dream of modernity.
  • Oak, Oh So Fine: Constructed from American white oak, the kind of wood that’s not just durable but downright dependable, bringing a touch of the natural into your nocturnal haven.
  • Beige, But Better: Cloaked in an elegantly soft dove beige paint, this bed stands out, enhancing the contemporary vibes of your bedroom.
  • Headboard of Dreams: Features a headboard that’s as comfortable as it is stylish, with horizontal lines that invite you to lean back, relax, and ponder the finer things in life.
  • Modern Bedroom Muse: Designed with the singular goal of adding a dash of modern elegance and a spoonful of comfort to your domestic domain.
  • Part of the harmonious Megara range
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The Megara Cashmere Oak Bed Frame: Where Dreams and Design Dovetail

Nestled in the heart of your bedroom, the Megara Cashmere Oak Bed Frame stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of Scandinavian simplicity and modern elegance. This deluxe bed, available in sizes 4'6" to 5' is set to be the centrepiece of your personal oasis, inviting you to slumber in style.

The Essence of Scandinavian Sleek

With its timeless Scandinavian design, the Megara Cashmere Oak Bed Frame takes the less-is-more philosophy to heart, presenting a sleek, modern look that whispers rather than shouts. Crafted from the sturdiest American white oak, it promises durability, stability, and a touch of nature's best in your bedroom.

A Palette of Peace: Soft Dove Beige

Painted in an elegant soft dove beige, this bed frame brings a serene aesthetic to your sleeping quarters. The colour isn't just a choice; it's an ode to tranquillity, enhancing the contemporary design with a gentle sophistication that soothes the soul.

The Comfort Headboard: A Cushion for Your Dreams

Featuring a horizontally lined upholstered headboard, the Megara Cashmere Oak Bed Frame marries comfort with style. It's a headboard that doesn't just support your pillows; it supports your midnight musings and your lazy Sunday mornings with a book in hand.

Modern Elegance: A Sanctuary of Style

Designed with the modern home in mind, this bed frame is a beacon of modern elegance. It transforms your bedroom from a mere sleeping area into a stylish sanctuary, a place where comfort, design, and tranquillity meet to create the perfect backdrop for your dreams.

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