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Megara Cashmere Oak Bedside Table


Megara Cashmere Oak Bedside Table

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  • 46 W x 40 D x 55 H cm
  • Scandinavian Design: This bedside table is so Scandi-minimalist, it practically meditates. Perfect for those who prefer their bedrooms modern and their clutter hidden.
  • American White Oak: Made from American white oak, so sturdy that longevity is its middle name.
  • Dove Beige Paint: Coated in a dove beige paint that whispers sophistication and possibly comments on your choice of bedtime reading.
  • Two Generous Drawers: Features two drawers with a soft-close mechanism so gentle, it’s like they’re tiptoeing into silence. Ideal for stashing your secrets—or just your phone charger.
  • Natural Wood Top: The natural oak top contrasts with the beige body like tea complements biscuits. It’s not just a surface; it’s a statement.
  • Part of the harmonious Megara range

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A Nightstand with Nordic Nobility: The Megara Cashmere Oak Bedside Table

In the quiet corner of your bedroom, where dreams meander and reality rests, stands the Megara Cashmere Oak Bedside Table—a piece so effortlessly chic, it could only hail from the lands of Scandinavian minimalism and American durability.

A Bridge Between Worlds: Scandi Style Meets American Oak

This oak bedside table is a testament to the enduring allure of Scandi-style minimalism, crafted with the kind of American white oak that trees daydream about becoming. It's the perfect union of form and function, offering longevity with a generous side of elegance.

The Colour of Calm: Dove Beige Sophistication

Finished in a soft dove beige paint, the Megara Cashmere Oak Bedside Table whispers it. The colour adds just the right touch of serenity to your sanctuary, proving that true style speaks in hushed tones.

Storage, but Make It Serene: Two Generous Drawers

Equipped with two soft-close drawers, the Megara Cashmere Oak Bedside Table ensures your nighttime necessities are always within reach yet out of sight, allowing for a clutter-free space conducive to peaceful slumber. It's like having a discreet butler at your bedside, ready to stow your secrets silently.

A Contrast of Character: Natural Wood Meets Dove Beige

The natural oak finish on the top offers a beautiful contrast to the beige-painted body, a nod to nature's unmatched craftsmanship. This combination not only adds visual interest but also serves as a reminder of the beauty inherent in simplicity and the harmony of mixed materials.

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Weight 21 kg
Dimensions 46 × 40 × 55 cm
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