Metal Coffee Tables

Metal Coffee Tables

Metal coffee tables are the pinnacle of style and also offer excellent durability, giving you the best of both worlds.

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Metal coffee tables are the pinnacle of style and also offer excellent durability, giving you the best of both worlds. Transform your living room with a multitude of metal coffee tables, supplied by Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets and shipped across Ireland. See them up close at our stores in Kerry and Limerick, and get great value for money right now.

Make the most of metal coffee tables

There are a surprisingly large number of metal coffee table types to consider when you shop with Corcoran’s, including:

Metal and marble coffee tables

Metal coffee tables with marble surfaces are classically stylish, with a healthy dose of modern design know-how thrown in for good measure. You can find lots of colours and configurations here at Corcoran’s.

Metal and glass coffee tables

Plenty of our metal coffee tables are made with glass surfaces. These are an especially good material combination for cleanliness as spills can be wiped off quickly. Metal and glass coffee tables also look good, especially in contemporary surroundings.

Metal and wood coffee tables

Pairing metal legs with wooden table tops is ideal for creating industrial-look furniture, and you can find coffee tables that follow this trend at Corcoran’s. Choose from a variety of woods and finishes, with quality always at the top of the agenda with our product range.

Storage features

The other point to mention about metal coffee tables is that they are not just easy on the eye, but they can also be very convenient as an addition to your living room from a practical perspective.

Examples with built-in shelving and drawers offer a way for you to whisk domestic detritus from over-crowded sofas and other cluttered surfaces, keeping items within reach while making everything look neater.

Explore our furniture range

Start with coffee tables and maybe consider our side tables as an alternative or in addition. You are then ready to expand your search to include everything from sofas and recliners to dining tables, patio sets, and storage units. We even have flooring and bathroom tiles, as well as stoves and fireplaces, so it is not just furniture that you can order from Corcoran’s, but products to transform your entire home.

Find out more about our products by calling or emailing Corcoran’s

You can reach out to our team with a call at 064 669 1112 or you can use our contact form, and someone will reply to you swiftly via email with all of the information and advice you need.

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