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Just like adults, kids have many elements to their daily routines.

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Just like adults, kids have many elements to their daily routines. From playtime to study, and of course to sleep, their bedrooms should have space to do it all. That’s where our fantastic range of mid sleeper beds comes in! These beds feature a mid-height lofted design outfitted with storage, desks, and more beneath. We offer the best mid sleeper beds in Ireland here at Corcoran’s, and we can deliver nationwide, so make them yours today. 

Mid sleepers offer multifunctional style and appeal

Although the bed is the centrepiece of any bedroom, it’s also the largest item, so when space is at a premium it’s great to have a bed that is ready to perform multiple functions. High sleeper beds feature a loft with enough space to place a sofa or desk fully underneath, but some kids don’t enjoy sleeping that high off the ground. This makes mid sleeper beds the perfect happy medium. They’re high enough to hold a desk or storage features at their sides, but low enough to still ensure a comfy night’s sleep for children. 

Mid sleeper beds with desks

Create a charming study space for little learners with mid sleepers that feature desks. Some of our mid sleeper beds with desks offer a pull-out option, so the desk can be easily tucked away when not in use, while others are built into the side of the bed to become a part of the space. 

Mid sleepers with storage

Perfect for organising toys and trinkets, mid sleepers with storage are another space saving solution ideal for kids bedrooms. We have white wooden mid sleeper beds and a host of other varieties that feature shelves, drawers, and more to declutter rooms and create a sweet look. 

All the furniture you could imagine at Corcoran’s

Mid sleeper beds may be exactly what you’re looking for, but if a different type or bunk bed or bed frame is more your style, we have plenty on offer here at Corcoran’s. We also stock furniture for the rest of the bedroom, and every other room in the house as well! Sofas, tables, desks, and chairs; tiles, flooring, stoves, and accessories… whatever you want, we have it at Corcoran’s. 

Our expert team is here to help! 

If you’re not sure which mid sleeper is the perfect pick for your little one, or you need help choosing any other furniture favourites, ring our team at 064 669 112 or send an email via our contact form. We’re here for you any time.

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