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Porter Large Fabric Corner Sofa

Porter Large Fabric Corner Sofa

RRP: 2,899.00

  • 286 W x 200 D x 97 H cm
  • Seat dimensions – 55 D x 57 H cm
  • A grand corner of comfort:  offers a generous embrace with its expansive corner design, becoming the cosy hub for all your gatherings.
  • Sleek meets chic: The modern wedge arm is an impressive looker; ensuring your living space radiates contemporary charm.
  • Tailored to you: Indulge in custom luxury as we bring your vision to life, crafting your sofa in a spectrum of fetching fabrics.
  • Sturdy elegance: Beneath its plush exterior, a robust frame of hardwood and composite board establishes a foundation as steadfast as your style.
  • Jointed to perfection: With dowelled, screwed, glued, and stapled joinery, Porter promises a union so strong it’ll weather the liveliest of living rooms.
  • Dapper feet: Choose from Light, Dark, or Grey Ash Wood feet to match your décor, making sure your sofa doesn’t just sit, but sits pretty.
  • The seat of luxury: Revel in the divine comfort of ExtraFlex cushions that t cradle you in every cosy gathering.
  • Lean back and love: With fibre-filled backs, every lean is a dip into soft, enduring comfort that will gently caress your moments of relaxation.
  • Springs of serenity: Ensuring a resilient seat, serpentine springs join forces with silent wire, safeguarding your peace amidst the cushy calm.
  • Backed for your ease: Superloop back springs are the unsung heroes, guaranteeing every recline is met with a supportive bounce back.
  • Scatter of joy: Each sofa comes with feather-filled scatter cushions, sprinkling your space with an extra dash of comfort and style.
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Porter: A supremely cosy large fabric corner sofa

Imagine, if you will, a sofa not just made but crafted, not just seen but admired, and not just sat on but sunk into. Enter the Porter Large Fabric Corner Sofa, your new sanctuary of style and serenity, providing a cocoon of comfort in every cushion.

Sculpted to your style

When sleek design meets customisability, you don’t just get a sofa; you get your sofa. Select from a tantalising array of fabrics, each one ready to wrap your Porter in a texture that tickles your fancy and a hue that speaks to your spirit.

Robust yet radiant

Peer beneath the luxurious exterior, and you'll find a framework of meticulously jointed hardwood and composite board. It’s the silent provider of stability as you immerse yourself into a sea of plush pillows and cushions, ensuring the Porter Large Fabric Corner Sofa is more than a momentary crush but a lasting love affair.

Feet, meet chic

Adorned with your choice of Light, Dark, or Grey Ash Wood feet, this large fabric corner sofa doesn’t poses moreso than stands, injecting a dash of modish flair into your living spaces.

Cushioned in comfort

Lean back into the gentle embrace of fibre-filled backs, where every moment of relaxation is elevated by a silent and supportive symphony of serpentine seat and silent wire. Your days of lounging are cushioned by ExtraFlex, a haven where comfort and durability entwine gracefully.

The finishing touches

Scattered with delightful, feather-filled cushions, your Porter Large Fabric Corner Sofa doesn’t merely host gatherings; it accessorises them, offering a tasteful backdrop to every chuckle shared and every story told. It's a cornerstone, uniting aesthetics with comfort in a dance of elegant utility.

Invite the Porter Large Fabric Corner Sofa into your home, and bestow upon your space not just a sofa, but a destination; a niche where contemporary style and timeless comfort converge to create not just a look, but a feeling. Your cosy corner called Porter awaits. Are you ready to get acquainted?

Dimensions and Details

Dimensions 286 × 200 × 97 cm
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