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Rectangular Mirrors and More: What Shapes are Available When Buying a Mirror?

One of the things that makes mirrors such an appealing accessory for your home is that they have both practical and aesthetic appeal. In addition to the obvious function of being a place to check out your reflection, mirrors can make rooms look larger, reflect natural and artificial light to brighten your space, and more. 

Plus, they look great! With a choice of sizes, shapes, and frames, your mirrors are decorative accents as well as a useful addition to your walls or dressing tables. In particular, the different shapes available for mirrors — from circle to rectangle mirrors, to more organic shapes — offer plenty of options to suit your decor. 

So what shapes are available to you when you’re buying mirrors, and which ones are best for your home? Read on to learn more! 

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Rectangular mirrors: a classic option

One of the most common shapes for mirrors is the rectangle. There’s a reason this mirror shape is a classic. Whether you’re setting it on a shelf or sideboard, or you’re hanging it on your wall, the straight edges make it perfectly positioned to sit evenly and look stylish wherever you place it. 

Rectangles are a traditional shape for portraits, so rectangular mirrors are great for looking at yourself because they evoke that feeling of looking in a portrait. They can also be easily incorporated with other wall art, which also often commonly has rectangular frames. 

Circular mirrors: a sleek favourite

Circle mirrors are the next most common mirror shape. If you want something without sharp corners that brings a contemporary detail to your bathroom or bedroom, a circular mirror is a great option, or if you want something ornate and elegant then select a round mirror with a large and detailed frame.

In most cases, round mirrors will be wall-mounted unless they incorporate a stand so that you can place them on a shelf or mantel. However, they are still a versatile pick, with round mirror options that incorporate features such as LED lights for extra illumination. 

Square mirrors: a timeless pick

Square mirrors are a simple alternative to rectangular mirrors, beloved for their clean, angular shapes and symmetrical forms. They’re great for framing the face, and they fit easily just about anywhere in your home. 

Square mirrors can be a nice way to create contrast if your photo frames or wall art are rectangular. If you’re creating a gallery wall, or even if you’re just placing mirrors and other framed pieces around the room, using a variety of shapes and sizes can add visual interest to the space.

Oval mirrors: a sophisticated shape

Oval mirrors (and teardrop mirrors, which have a similar elongated design but are wider at the base and tapered at the top) are an elegant option that is perfect to place above lower-height furniture such as bathroom sinks, console tablets, and chests of drawers. 

Because of their longer shape, oval mirrors are ideal in a room with low ceilings or slanted roofs. They will help to make the ceilings feel higher and the space feel taller, which is perfect for a small room that may otherwise feel too cramped or compact. 

Decorative mirrors: a stylish spectrum

Rectangular mirrors, round mirrors, square mirrors, and oval mirrors are only the start — there are an endless number of other mirror types you might want to consider. From bold starbursts to organic waves, window-like grid mirrors to artistic irregular shapes, decorative mirrors bring fashionable detail to any room in your home, no matter your decorating style. 

Sometimes, these mirrors only have a small mirrored panel, with the focus more on the frame, making them much more aesthetic than functional. And there are also plenty of options that do afford you plenty of mirror space for practical use, so whatever you are looking for from your decorative mirrors, you are sure to find variations to suit your needs. 

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Lauren Mateer

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