Single Bed Frames

Most homes need to buy single beds at some point, whether for a guest bedroom, a child’s room, or simply a smaller space. At Corcoran’s we have you covered as we have an extensive, carefully-curated range of stylish and comfortable single bed frames listed online. Available at great prices and with plenty of choices, we recommend you take a look through our entire range, which is produced by leading manufacturers in Ireland and abroad.

Buying single bed frames from Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a single bed is simply “a bed that is big enough for only one person.” That’s very simplistic though as buying a single bed comes with many options to find your perfect sleeping space.

A single bed measures 90cm wide (3 feet) and 190cm in length (6 feet 3 inches). If this is smaller than the size you are looking for, we also stock larger bed sizes that include double beds, king size beds, and super king size beds.

What are single bed frames?

A single bed comprises a number of components. The frame is the largest part, and other components include a mattress (and protector), a base (on some models), a headboard, and a footboard, as well as a range of bedding items.

Single bed frames are usually made of wood or metal and can either be left with natural wood grain or metal finishes or can instead be upholstered with various fabrics of leather.

Bedroom furniture to consider

Along with your purchase of single bed frames why not also consider buying these items? You will find all of these as you browse and shop on our website:

Other home furniture options from Corcoran’s

As well as bedroom furniture, Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets also sell a wide range of furniture for the dining room, living room, garden, and home office.

We also have a wide range of home accessories and furnishings including clocks, table lamps, mirrors, vases, and photo frames – these make a great complementary purchase alongside your new single bed.

Do you need any advice about buying single beds?

We are always on hand for friendly, informal advice about buying single beds, frames, and bedroom furniture. Contact us via the following methods: