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Sleep Right Comfy Roll Up Mattress

Sleep Right Comfy Roll Up Mattress

RRP: 149.00239.00

  • Mattress depth – approx. 22 cm
  • The 3′ size is suitable for bunk bed top bunks
  • Prolong the life of your mattress with a mattress protector



Number of variations: 3
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Sleepright Comfy Roll Up Mattress: Where Comfort Meets Value

Introducing the Sleepright Comfy Mattress, your ticket to a great night's sleep without breaking the bank. This budget-friendly mattress cleverly marries comfort and support, ensuring sweet dreams are within everyone's reach.

A size for every space

The Sleepright Comfy Mattress is versatile, offering three sizes to fit various needs: the snug 3' Single, ideal for top bunks or solo sleepers; the slightly larger 4' Small Double; and the spacious 4'6" Standard Double. With its accommodating depth of about 22 cm, it's a fitting pick for children's beds, guest accommodations, or rental properties.

Engineered for comfort and durability

Don't let the price fool you; the Sleepright Comfy Mattress doesn't compromise on quality. It boasts an open coil system encased in soft fabric and generous layers of man-made fillings, promising comfort and support that'll stand the test of time. With a supportive side border for that extra touch of stability, this double-sided mattress is as reliable as it is comfortable.

Embrace the ease of a roll-up mattress

With its roll-up design, the Sleepright Comfy Mattress takes the hassle out of handling. It's a cinch to transport, set up, and stow away - making it an exceptionally handy choice for guest rooms, smaller spaces, or even for those impromptu sleep needs.

Embrace the Sleepright Comfy Mattress for a restful sleep experience that's kind on your wallet.

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