Small Console Tables

If you have limited space but you still want to fill it with something stylish and practical, small console tables will tick all the boxes. Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets has small console tables of many styles, and with home delivery available it is easy to buy a product that will make the most out of your home.

Small console tables – bigger is not always better

Console tables are already intended as a space-saving measure, but at Corcoran’s, you can go a step further still and invest in an example that is built to be compact, without compromising on either style or build quality.

Our line up of small console tables includes:

Wooden console tables

Small console tables made from solid wood and available in lots of finishes and colours can be compared here on our site, with modern and vintage designs alike to consider.

Glass console tables

Small but perfectly formed: get glass console tables that are narrow enough to squeeze into the smallest space or tightest hallway area while still being eye-catching and convenient to use every day.

Metal console tables

Is there anything better than mini console tables made with metal? Often combined with other materials such as marble or wood, metal tables can look contemporary and swish, or more classic and inspired by earlier eras of furniture fashion.

Best of all, even the most compact console tables boast a multitude of storage configurations. Whether you want simple shelving to go along with the top surface, or you are interested in drawers and cupboards to clear up clutter while still leaving it within easy reach, we have got your needs covered here at Corcoran’s.

Find furniture small and large alike

Whether you need a small sofa bed for the spare room or a large recliner to provide total relaxation in the living room, we can help. We stock furniture for the garden, the bedroom, the kitchen, and the dining room, too. You can even find lots of accessories, as well as flooring, and tiles, so no project is too big or small.

Have a chat with Corcoran’s about console tables

We will gladly field questions about our products and provide general advice to customers before they make a purchase. All you need to do is call us on 064 669 1112 or let us know what you need via email right now.