Small kitchen ideas

Small kitchen ideas with big decor impact

When most of us imagine our dream homes, the kitchen is often a key element in our ideal interior design plans. From spacious counters to plenty of appliances, a great kitchen is every cook’s dream, and even those who don’t love cooking often love the idea of a beautiful kitchen. 

But what about when your kitchen space is limited, and your ability to realise your interior design dreams is limited by your available space? Well, there are plenty of small kitchen ideas that will have a huge impact on the functionality and decorative appeal of the room! 

Read on for some of our favourite small kitchen ideas, from the right furniture to the best styling details, that will help you maximise your kitchen space in the best possible ways.

Create zones with flooring and separate your space

For many small homes, the kitchen not only functions as an area to prepare meals, but also the place where you’ll eat said meals. If you don’t have a separate dining room, flooring is a great way to create the illusion of two separate spaces. 

For the kitchen area, otp for patterned tile. A splash of colour will offer an energising feel, and the pattern can hide spills and stains as needed. Meanwhile, in the dining area, consider hardwood flooring or LVT that mimics the look of wood. Calming, natural hues make for a relaxed mealtime area, and the contrast between the tile and wood is ideal for dividing up the space. 

Choose open storage to meld decor and function

Do you have a beautiful set of plates or wine glasses that you bring out for special occasions? Rather than tucking them away into the back of a cabinet, let these pieces add decorative appeal to your small kitchen. Open display units or storage cabinets with glass doors let you show off your collection while also keeping everything organised with ease. 

Similarly, vertical height can make a room feel larger, so tall display units or shelves that go all the way to the ceiling will not only add extra storage space but also make your small kitchen feel bigger. Use a high shelf or the top of your cabinets to store and display items that don’t see frequent use in order to keep them out of the way but still let them add to the decor of the room. 

Don’t crowd the room with too much furniture

The kitchen is one of the rooms in the home where function tends to take precedence over style. And in a small kitchen, every square metre counts. And there’s nothing worse than walking into the corner of a table or counter and banging your shin in a too-cramped space. 

Therefore, when you’re designing and decorating your small kitchen, be intentional with your furniture. Keep in mind that you’ll need to fit in your refrigerator, dishwasher, and other appliances along with your cabinets, tables, and chairs. 

Think about utilising double-duty pieces like a kitchen counter that can also serve as a bar-height tabletop, or a storage hutch that also offers extra counter space. If you’re short for counter space, you can also use a bar cart to keep all your essentials for coffee or tea in one place and well-organised.  

Opt for an extending dining table for versatility

If you have a small kitchen and a small family, you don’t need a large and imposing dining table that will take up a lot of space in the room. However, you may still want to be able to host friends and family members for meals when they come to visit. An extending dining table is a perfect solution that allows you to seat more or fewer people as needed. 

When you’re working with a small kitchen space, choose a dining table that sits on a pedestal rather than four legs. This allows you to fit more seats at the same size tabletop. As with small dining rooms, bench seating in a corner can also help to maximise seating space. 

Expand your interior space by connecting it outside

If you have a small kitchen that opens up to your yard or onto a patio, this is a great opportunity to make the room feel bigger by coordinating your kitchen with your outdoor space. There are a number of ways to do this. If you have windows that open up onto the outdoor area, select window treatments like blinds that go all the way up so you can look out onto the garden. 

For an especially complementary look, consider tiles or other flooring that is the same across your outdoor and indoor floors. You may need to use slightly different options that are more suited for indoor versus outdoor use, opting for the same colour or texture to get that coordinated look, or choose a tile that is well-suited for both surfaces. 

Keep it light but don’t be afraid to go bold

For the most part, the best paint colours for small rooms — whether for the walls or for your furniture — is a palette of light, neutral hues. Bright white is always a winning choice for a small kitchen, and you can create a bright and airy look across your space with whitewash walls, white floor tiles, and white painted furniture. 

However, just because you are working with a compact space doesn’t mean that you are committed to neutrals if you prefer a pop of colour. While you don’t want to go too dark in small kitchens, a vibrant colour like emerald green or sunshine yellow will amp up a compact kitchen and still maintain that light, bright feel. 

Small kitchen styling and more at Corcoran’s

Whether you’ve got a massive kitchen and an endless budget to work with, or you’re designing on a dime in a compact space, you can find the best kitchen and dining room furniture and accessories at Corcoran’s. Set up your small kitchen in style with help from our interior design experts, and shop online or in store to find the best kitchen essentials and decorative pieces for your home. 

Lauren Mateer

Lauren Mateer

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