Sofa bed inspiration

Sofa bed inspiration for your modern home

Sofa beds are only beginning to get their due in contemporary interior design. Many people assume that sofa beds belong only in the dated, retro styling of stuffy 70s living rooms, or only in the smallest accommodations that have no space for both a bed and a sofa. But in reality, the right sofa bed can be a stylish and versatile addition to a contemporary home. 

If you have a home office that doubles as a guest room, if you want to accommodate visitors in your sitting room, or if you simply love to lounge in your living room while you watch television or relax, finding the right sofa bed inspiration can help you turn a room into your ideal multifunctional space. 

Read on for some of our favourite sofa bed inspiration that will be perfect for kitting out your contemporary home.

Choose quick-converting sofa beds for easy versatility

It’s just the nature of sofa beds that they tend to not be quite as comfortable as a traditional bed, as the mattress needs to either fold and tuck away beneath the sofa cushions, or the cushions themselves will form the base of the bed. They’re not generally designed for long-term, every-night use, but instead for occasional additional bed space for guests and visitors. 

That said, their convenience is their key selling point, and the ease at which they convert from day to night makes them perfect for a dual-purpose room or for adding sleep space on short notice. 

When you’re searching for sofa bed inspiration for your home, you should definitely keep in mind the speed at which you can convert from sofa to bed and back again. 

A click clack sofa bed like the Nadine is a favourite option for quick change sofa bed inspiration. This sort of sofa bed gets its name from the simplicity of its design — it folds out from upright to flat with just a one-two, click-clack process. 

Top it off with your favourite scatter cushions and throws (or get some sofa bed inspiration from our instagram!) and create a day-to-night home decor look with plenty of style. 

Opt for a sofa bed size that offers the perfect fit

Obviously one of the biggest perks of a sofa bed is that you get two types of furniture for the footprint of one. When you’re turning your sofa bed inspiration into reality, make sure you consider the dimensions of both the sofa configuration and the bed configuration. 

But no matter how much room you have to spare for your sofa bed, there are options that will be perfect for your home. 

If your sofa bed will sit in your living room and be used in place of a traditional sofa, then a two- or three-seater option with all the hallmarks of classic sofas — armrests, back cushions, etc. — is ideal. 

For something even more spacious, you can even find corner sofas that transform into sleep spaces. The Heddington, for example, is designed to take pride of place in your living room, with a left- or right-facing corner design that pulls out from the long side to fill the space in between with bedding. 

On the other hand, if you’re short on space or looking to find sofa bed inspiration for the corner of a guest-bedroom-slash-home-office, there are minimalist options like the Kayden that fold out from a cosy chair to a single bed for a compact yet comfortable snooze. 

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Go for an unexpected detail to add extra style 

Just because a sofa bed is focused on practicality doesn’t mean that it can’t be equally full of style. If you’re looking for sofa bed inspiration to create a standout interior design look that incorporates this versatile furniture type, consider a piece that adds visual appeal to the multifunctional design. 

The Shauna sofa bed is covered in plush velvet upholstery fabric, giving it a luxe look that isn’t simply designed to be relegated to a spare room — although it would look great there as well! Opt for the jewel tone blue shade for an extra striking look. 

Similarly, a sofa bed with unexpected colours like the green Larry sofa bed or the Aidan patchwork couch are perfect for adding a pop of colour to your space. The vibrant colours of these sofa beds means you’ll want to show them off both day and night. 

And if you prefer a more subtle base for your seating and sleeping areas, there are always plenty of options for neutral upholstery alternatives. Jazz them up with cushions and throws and give your sofa bed a homey feel that makes it a part of your interior design plan rather than simply a spare element. 

Chic sofa bed inspiration and more from Corcoran’s

If you need a little sofa bed inspiration, visit your nearest Corcoran’s store, shop online, or check out our social media. Our range offers high-quality products with plenty of style, and sizes that will suit any room and purpose. A sofa bed isn’t just an extra spot for seating and sleeping, but can also be a star in your home. 

Need help choosing the ideal sofa bed for your guest bedroom, home office, or living room? Get in touch. Our expert team is here to help bring multifunctional style to your space. 

And once you pick out your dream sofa bed from Corcoran’s and get it set up in your home, why not share your own sofa bed inspiration using the hashtag #mycorcorans — we’d love to see how you style it! 

Lauren Mateer

Lauren Mateer

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