Spring Cleaning Furniture and Home Decor Made Simple

Spring cleaning furniture and home decor

Depending on how you look at it, spring is either here or on the way. Whether you consider today’s St. Brigid’s Day, the meteorological designation of the 1st of March, or the equinox on 20th March to be the first day of spring, we can all look forward to longer days, warmer temperatures, and the end of winter. 

What does the start of spring mean when it comes to your home? Spring cleaning, of course. Now, before you groan and close this webpage, spring cleaning furniture and home decor doesn’t have to be a slog. In this blog, we break it down to make it easy to freshen up your space for the season. 

A three-step spring cleaning process 

For all the details about spring cleaning furniture of all types, check out our furniture cleaning and care guide or get in touch with our team to learn about the specific needs of your furniture. But if you’re wondering where exactly to start, we recommend following a three-step process: clean, maintain, and treat. 

First, cleaning. Obviously this is where you do all the basics like wiping down hard surfaces, vacuuming upholstery and cushions, and laundering textiles as needed. 

In addition to spring cleaning furniture, this is also the point where you’ll want to spring clean the other elements of your home — dust your light fixtures, wipe down your window sills, clean your refrigerator shelves, and so on. 

Next, maintenance. For your furniture, this will mean tightening legs or handles, scrubbing away rust from iron stoves or garden furniture, flipping or rotating your mattress if necessary, and removing grime that may have built up on other pieces. 

You can also take this time to maintain the rest of your home by doing things such as changing light bulbs and smoke detector batteries, clearing unwanted junk out of kitchen and bathroom presses, and replacing worn-out items like trash bins, bathmats, and bedding.

Finally, treatment. When you’re spring cleaning furniture, you may need to oil, wax, or polish items to keep them looking like new. You can also polish cutlery, doorknobs, and cabinet handles to remove tarnish and add shine. This may also be a great opportunity to apply other, more intensive treatments in your home like regrouting tiles or touching up paint. 

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Spring cleaning furniture made simple

Maybe all of the above sounds like a huge amount of effort, and it’s true that a proper spring deep-clean takes time and work, but it is possible to make the process (mostly) painless with a good plan. 

First, break it down. If the idea of cleaning every piece of furniture in every room in your house feels intimidating, then what about every piece of furniture in one room, or even one piece of furniture in one room? 

Hopefully the feeling of accomplishment of getting that one room or one item of furniture cleaned will give you the motivation to keep on going, but even if it doesn’t at least you’ve made your space a little bit tidier to enjoy. 

Another way to amp yourself up for spring cleaning furniture and fixtures is to roll your deep cleaning project into a redecorating project. If you’ve had a new look for your living space on your mind, then naturally you’ll need to clean up or clear out the room you want to revamp. 

If the thought of decluttering and tidying everything isn’t appealing on its own, then using the opportunity to ready a room for a new lease on life can help to put a positive spin on your spring cleaning. 

A third way to make spring cleaning furniture and decor an easy process is to use a checklist. Not only is it satisfying to tick off each item once you’ve accomplished it, but you can also make sure that you’re not forgetting any of the little details. 

You can either use a ready-made checklist like this one from Good Housekeeping, or come up with your own list that’s specific to your home. And if the prospect of a whole day spent spring cleaning furniture and floors sounds like too much to handle, you can even spread your spring clean out over a period of time with a multi-day checklist like this one from The Spruce

Follow spring cleaning with spring style at Corcoran’s 

Whether you’re spring cleaning to prepare for a new interior design project or your cleaning process makes you realise your sofa is getting a bit threadbare, Corcoran’s has a gorgeous array of furniture and furnishings to start the spring season in style. 

Shop online now or visit us in store to refresh your home with gorgeous pieces for every room, or undertake an even larger project with flooring, tiles, and more. Plus, if you have any questions about how best to care for your Corcoran’s furniture, our expert team can help make spring cleaning a breeze with tips and advice. 

Lauren Mateer

Lauren Mateer

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