Best Bedroom Furniture Sets

How to Identify the Best Bedroom Furniture Sets for Your Needs

When you’re furnishing your bedroom, there are a couple of ways you can go about it to create a stylish and cohesive look for your space. You can select your furniture piece by piece, choosing the bed, chest of drawers, wardrobe, and so on that are perfectly suited for your space (we recommend starting with the bed as it is the key item of furniture you need for your bedroom — read our bed buying guide to learn more). 

Or, you can opt for bedroom furniture sets, a collection of furniture where each piece is designed to complement each other and offer a coordinated look for your room. The best bedroom furniture sets make it simple to kit out your space in style. 

Traditional or modern, wood or metal, imposing or minimalist, there are so many options for bedroom furniture that you can choose from at Corcoran’s. In today’s blog, we’ll look at some of the best ways to choose sets of bedroom furniture for your home. 

Decide what you want in your bedroom furniture sets

Bedroom sets come in various sizes as far as the number of furniture pieces you can choose for your room. Some simply pair a bed with a matching blanket box or nightstand, while others offer everything from wardrobes to dressing tables. You can even find ranges that extend beyond the bedroom, letting you match your bedroom furniture to pieces in your living room or dining room. 

When you’re picking the best sets of bedroom furniture for your home, you’ll want to decide how many items you need, and which ones you want to coordinate. 

While not every item has to match perfectly, if you’re choosing a cohesive design for your dressing table and vanity mirror, you’ll probably want a dressing table stool that suits the look. 

Similarly, if you want multiple chests of drawers in varying sizes, you are likely going to be looking for a range that offers all of the shapes and designs you want. 

Think about the overall style of your bedroom

Sometimes people hesitate to choose bedroom furniture that comes in a set because they’re afraid their space will look too ‘matchy-matchy.’ However, bedroom furniture sets are specifically designed to create a coordinated look without ending up with bland and uniform decor. 

Sets tend to offer a simple look, letting them blend effortlessly into any room setup and creating a perfect canvas for accessorising so that you can inject your own decor sensibilities and personality into the space. With neutral colour palettes like grey, white, and natural wood, you can fit a set of bedroom furniture into any bedroom style, or pair it with any other furniture pieces you choose. 

However, there are some variations to consider when it comes to selecting the best bedroom furniture sets for your home. Some sets stand out more than others, like the rich, dark finish of our mahogany range or the stylishly contemporary details of the Bardolino collection

On the other hand, some sets are much simpler and ripe for being decorated with colourful throws and cushions, such as the soft grey Ashton range or the light natural wood of the Lagan collection

Determining whether you prefer your bedroom furniture to make a statement or offer a low-profile base for accessories, and whether you want a bold modern look or a more classic setup will help you decide which bedroom sets to buy. 

Keep your budget in mind for current and future purchases 

Whether you’re replacing furniture one piece at a time as you save up or you’re buying furniture piecemeal to find the perfect items to suit your decor style, your budget will certainly be a consideration.

And one thing to keep in mind when you’re buying furniture that comes in sets is the future availability of that furniture and which matching pieces are the most important for your dream decor. While we may hate to see our favourite bedroom furniture styles go, sometimes furniture manufacturers do discontinue ranges for various reasons. 

If there’s a piece you can’t live without, or if there’s an item you want to be sure will match the other pieces in your bedroom (such as if you want to perfectly coordinate your wardrobe and chest of drawers), then prioritise these elements in your purchases and buy them all at once if possible. 

On the other hand, maybe you love an eclectic look but you still want to incorporate some elements of bedroom sets into your furnishings. In this case, it may not matter whether a range is eventually unavailable, but you’ll still want to choose your favourite pieces to pair with the other furniture you choose. 

Beautiful bedroom furniture in Ireland at Corcoran’s

From bedroom furniture sets to individual pieces that are sure to stand out, Corcoran’s Furniture has a fabulous range of bedroom options to suit every style and budget. You can shop online now for delivery across Ireland, or visit us in store at any of our Kerry and Limerick locations to get expert advice from our team, see a wide range of furniture and accessories, and more. 

Lauren Mateer

Lauren Mateer

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