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Trio White Triple Bunk Bed

Trio White Triple Bunk Bed

RRP: 999.00

  • 202 W x 99 D x 198 H cm
  • Ideal for those short on space in smaller bedrooms
  • Sleeps three while only taking up the space of a single bed
  • Ladders at opposite sides of the bed for easy access
  • Available in a surf white colour
  • Crafted from solid pine and mdf
  • Please note, that mattresses/bedding are not included
  • Simple assembly required
  • Assembly services are available on request. Fees apply
  • Please tick the assembly box when checking out or get in touch to add it to your purchase. More information is covered in the Delivery and Returns section
Number of variations: 2
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Delivery Information

The Trio White Triple Bunk Bed: Small in footprint, big in dreams

Feast your eyes on the Trio White Triple Bunk Bed, the white knight in shining armor for smaller bedrooms. This sleep marvel packs a lot into a small package, making it the perfect choice for those short on space but big on sleep needs.

Sleeping three? no problem!

Whoever said "good things come in threes" was probably talking about our Trio Bunk Bed. Able to comfortably accommodate three sleepers while only taking up the space of a single bed, this bed is truly a feat of sleep engineering.

Opposite attraction

Ladders on opposite sides of the bed make for easy access. Whether you're a 'top of the bunk' dreamer or a 'snug on the bottom' sleeper, you're just a few rungs away from your cozy retreat.

Surfing on cloud white

Available in a surf white colour, this bunk bed adds a bright, airy feel to any room. Its refreshing hue can transform even the smallest of bedrooms into a spacious, inviting sanctuary.

Pine and MDF: The dream team

The Trio bunk bed boasts a construction of solid pine and MDF. Together, they bring strength and stability, making sure your dreams are the only thing that's rocking and rolling.

Light assembly required, many dreams await

Yes, there's a little assembly required, but don't fret - it's as easy as counting sheep. And remember, mattresses and bedding are not included, but the potential for peaceful sleep most definitely is.


The Trio White Triple Bunk Bed may be compact, but it's mighty in its mission - to deliver a comfortable night's sleep to three, one dream at a time. For a bed that's as smart with space as it is generous with comfort, the Trio has you covered - quite literally!

Dimensions and Details

Dimensions 202 × 99 × 198 cm
Colour family




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Feet/Leg colour

Feet/Leg material

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