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Versailles Carved Oak Bedside Table


Versailles Carved Oak Bedside Table

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  • 42 W x 48 D x 61 H cm
  • Eternal French Charm: A nightstand that whispers tales of Versailles, adorned with floral finery carved by hands that dream in French.
  • Oak’s Enduring Promise: Not just oak, but a steadfast sentinel by your slumber, promising years of unwavering companionship.
  • Savvy Storage: Dual drawers stand ready to cradle your nighttime necessaries in a clasp of sophistication.
  • Elegance Embodied: With legs curved like a Parisian archway and carvings detailed as a royal decree, this table transcends mere furniture to become a piece of art.
  • Proud part of the timeless Versailles furniture range

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The Versailles Carved Oak Bedside Table: A Nighttime Necessity

As the moon takes its place in the night sky, the Versailles Carved Oak Bedside Table stands by, ready to cradle your nighttime essentials in its French-inspired embrace. With traditional hand-carved floral detailing that whispers tales of yesteryear, this bedside companion brings a slice of Versailles elegance right to the edge of your slumber.

A Carved Oak Bedside Table Crafted for the Ages

Fashioned from the sturdiest of oaks, this table promises durability while delivering a lasting legacy. Like the timeless oak groves of France, this piece is designed to stand the test of time, offering a steadfast presence beside your bed, night after night.

Sophistication at Your Fingertips

Boasting two spacious drawers, the Versailles Carved Oak Bedside Table ensures your essentials are never out of reach. Whether it's a cherished novel, your reading glasses, or a secret stash of midnight snacks, each drawer offers a haven of organisation, marrying convenience with elegance.

A Silhouette of Sophistication

With its refined aesthetic, featuring curved legs and detailed carvings, the Versailles Carved Oak Bedside Table transcends mere functionality. It's a piece that captivates with its luxurious aesthetic, fitting seamlessly into both contemporary and traditional interiors, and elevating the bedroom to a sanctuary of style.

The Versailles Touch

In the quiet of the night, when all that's heard is the soft whisper of the wind, the Versailles Carved Oak Bedside Table stands as a testament to timeless design and craftsmanship. It's  a bedside companion that brings a touch of Versailles opulence to your nightly rituals.

Embrace the elegance and sophistication that the Versailles Carved Oak Bedside Table brings to your bedroom, making every night a little more luxurious and every morning a touch more splendid.

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Dimensions 42 × 48 × 61 cm
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