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Versailles Oak 7 Drawer Dressing Chest


Versailles Oak 7 Drawer Dressing Chest

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  • 128.5 W x 57 D x 85 H cm
  • Gallic Grandeur: This oak 7 drawer dressing chest parades curves and carvings worthy of a Versailles banquet, draped in the elegance of French design.
  • Oaken Fortitude: Hewn from the heart of prime oak, this chest promises years of loyal service, steadfast in its bedroom duties.
  • Seven-Drawer Sanctuary: With a septet of drawers, this chest is a treasure trove for attire and accoutrements, keeping essentials at your fingertips.
  • Evergreen Elegance: Clad in natural oak, its timeless design weaves charm into your chamber’s fabric, immune to the whims of fashion.
  • Versailles Oak Dresser Mirror sold separately
  • Versailles Oak 5 Drawer Tall Chest is also available
  • Proud part of the timeless Versailles furniture range

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The Versailles Oak 7 Drawer Dressing Chest: A Symphony in Oak

Dive into the heart of French opulence with the Versailles Oak 7 Drawer Dressing Chest. This sublime piece of furniture offers a journey to an era where every curve and carving tells a story of elegance. With its graceful silhouette and hand-carved floral motifs, this delightful 7 drawer dressing chest brings the splendour of the Versailles gardens right into your bedroom.

French Design Crafted for the Ages

Constructed from the finest oak, the Versailles Oak 7 Drawer Dressing Chest stands as a testament to enduring craftsmanship. Its robust build and meticulous attention to detail ensure that it's not only a fixture in your home but a future family heirloom, ready to withstand the ebb and flow of trends and time.

A 7 Drawer Dressing Chest with a Cornucopia of Storage

The seven drawers of this majestic chest provide a sophisticated sanctuary for your attire and essentials. From the voluminous to the delicate, each drawer is a haven, designed to keep your belongings organised, accessible, and treated with the care they deserve.

Timeless in Every Sense

Adorned in a natural oak finish, this 7 drawer dressing chest exhudes a timeless charm that complements any bedroom décor, from the traditional to the transitional. Its classic design ensures that it remains not just relevant but revered, no matter the decade.

Elegance, Elevated

The Versailles Oak 7 Drawer Dressing Chest is a statement setter. It stands as a tribute to the timeless elegance of French design, offering a blend of beauty and functionality that elevates any space it inhabits. Embrace the elegance of French-inspired design with the Versailles Oak 7 Drawer Dressing Chest.

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Dimensions 128.5 × 57 × 85 cm
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