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Villard Grey Button Tufted Ottoman Bed


Villard Grey Button Tufted Ottoman Bed


  • Tall, tufted button-back headboard
  • Ample space to stretch or share with sizes five foot and six foot available
  • Plenty of space to keep clutter at bay with ottoman storage
  • Please note, that the mattress is not included but can be purchased separately
  • Assembly services are available on request. Fees apply
  • Please tick the assembly box when checking out or get in touch to add it to your purchase. More information is covered in the Delivery and Returns section
Number of variations: 2
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The Villard Grey Button Tufted Ottoman Bed: A Symphony of Elegance and Function

Waltzing into sweet dreams on a button tufted ottoman bed

Picture this: a bed that doesn’t just cradle your nightly escapades but does so with an elegance that’s simply riveting. Enter the Villard Grey Button Tufted Ottoman Bed, your nightly steed into dreamland, draping your chambers with a tapestry of grey, tufted to perfection.

With a button-back headboard that’s not just a treat to the eyes but a soft embrace to your nocturnal reads and lazy Sunday breakfasts in bed, Villard is a dreamscape crafted meticulously for your repose.

Unlock a sea of bed space with ottoman storage

Lift and behold! An ocean of bed storage space resides stealthily beneath your slumbers, ready to swallow up your linens, duvets, and those winter jumpers patiently waiting for their seasonal debut. With an effortless lift of its luxe frame, an ottoman chamber is revealed on either side, ensuring your boudoir maintains its uncluttered serenity.

Striking a chord of subtle grandeur

Lingering between classic sophistication and contemporary chic, the Villard Grey Button Tufted Ottoman Bed whispers opulence in the most enticing manner, luring your senses into a waltz of aesthetic pleasure and functional prowess.

The sumptuous button-back frame, generously padded, orchestrates a harmonious blend of comfort and style that’s quite simply mesmerising, enchanting your space with an allure that’s both timeless and irresistibly charming.

Where dreams are your own to craft

We invite you to lay down your dream mattress upon Villard Grey Button Tufted Ottoman Bed (sold separately, mind you, ensuring no dream is pre-defined), and watch how it seamlessly morphs into your personal sanctuary of sleep, embodying your unique essence and cradling your nightly adventures with the gentlest of embraces.

Ensuring your slumber is uninterrupted

Dive into a world where your sleep is undisturbed, your belongings neatly stowed away, and your bedroom, a canvas of understated elegance and unimpeachable functionality, courtesy of your new nocturnal chariot, the Villard Grey Tufted Ottoman Bed.

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Dimensions 141 cm
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