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What are the Different Types of Table Lamps?

Table lamps and desk lamps are a useful form of task lighting. Task lighting refers to the lamps and lighting that you add around your house to perform a specific function and provide you with adequate lighting for a certain purpose. 

While table lamps shouldn’t be the primary source of lighting in your room, they are key elements of your decor in terms of both practicality and style. And there are a number of types of table lamps to choose from, with varying designs that will affect their look and functionality. 

Read on to learn more about table lamps and all the options available to suit different functions and styles in your space. 

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Arc Lamps

When it comes to task lighting, you want lamps that will shine directly wherever you need them, whether that is on your work or the book that you’re reading. Arc lamps feature a curved base that directs light downward over your desk or reading space. These table lamps tend to have a minimalist design that fits easily into any decor aesthetic but is especially good for a contemporary setup. 

Bankers Lamps

Bankers lamps are also sometimes called piano lamps because they are often used by musicians to shine light directly on their sheet music. Like arc lamps, bankers lamps are designed to direct light downward and help you focus on the task at hand. With vintage-inspired design and long, horizontal bulbs, bankers lamps are a stylish and useful addition to a desk. 

Bell Lamps

Not all table lamps are designed to act as task lighting. Some are simply meant to create a warm, bright atmosphere that makes a room more pleasant. And bell lamps are a perfect example. These small table lamps feature bell-shaped shades, often made of coloured glass, that cast a soft glow and create a cosy aura for your space. 

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Buffet Lamps

While most table lamps are not large enough to serve as primary lighting in a room, buffet lamps are the exception. Taller than the average table or desk lamp, a buffet lamp features a high, narrow base and a round or tapered accent shade that helps to cast light across the space. These versatile lamps come in a variety of styles, colours, and materials, making them perfect for any room.

Gooseneck Lamps

When you’re working in your home office, there are sometimes different areas of your desk that need your attention. And as you move from one area to another, looking at different documents, notebooks, and other items, you need high-quality lighting throughout. Gooseneck lamps feature flexible arms that you can adjust to direct the light exactly where you need it. These lamps are usually made of metal and can feature an array of finish options from polished chrome to matte black, letting you pick the perfect look to suit your decor. 

Spotlight Lamps

Want to make your daily routine feel like a movie set? Opt for a spotlight lamp. These cinema-inspired table lamps are another great choice for shining light in a specific direction, and they add a stylish element to boot. Spotlight lamps sometimes feature three-legged tripod bases, but they can be found in a number of different shapes for both traditional and modern looks. 

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Standard table lamps

Sometimes, classic is best, and if you’re looking for that timeless piece that will suit your bedside table or sit next to your sofa, standard table lamps will never go out of style. Sometimes referred to as console table lamps, these traditional picks have a short square or round base and a shade that is usually made from fabric and may also be round or square. There are an endless array of variations to choose from, so you can find standard table lamps to perfectly match the requirements of your room. 

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