Wooden Bar Stools

When you want to make full use of your kitchen, wooden bar stools will help you out. Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets has a large line-up of wooden kitchen stools to browse on our website or see at our stores in Kerry and Limerick. Great quality combines with competitive pricing, so customers can get a great deal with us.

A world of wooden bar stools to discover

The range of wood bar stools available to buy from Corcoran’s is second to none and includes products of different sizes, styles, and designs, such as:

Oak bar stools

Good looking, long-lasting, and offered in different finishes, oak is a good choice for wooden bar stools for all these reasons and more besides.

Upholstered wooden bar stools

From cool, contemporary designs to vintage-inspired wood bar stools, you can find comfortable and plush upholstered stools here at Corcoran’s, with fabric and leather coverings to consider.

High-backed wooden kitchen stools

The classic low-backed bar stool is all well and good for shorter seating periods, but if you want wooden bar stools that are more comfortable for extended use, then a high-backed example will be your best bet.

Be sure to browse our full family of wooden bar stools, as it is filled with excellent products of different sizes that will help you to match your choice to the height of your kitchen counters or breakfast bar. And of course, bar stools like these are not just well equipped for use in the kitchen but could also work just as well if you are creating your own home bar so that you can host the best parties in town.

Have a look at our other furniture options

Like our Kerry and Limerick stores, Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets site is full of fabulous furniture, including everything from TV stands and armchairs to sideboards, dressers, wardrobes, bed frames, and so much more besides. We can deliver products to your doorstep throughout Ireland, so order online today for total furniture buying convenience.

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